Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Latest purchase and a lamp makeover

Do you want to see my latest purchase?

Here it is and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
It's one of Kerri's latest masterpieces from her Driftwood Interiors etsy store. It's called Sea Coral III in Denim and its printed on beautiful fine art paper. I love the denim blue colour she's used and as soon as she had listed it on her shop I snapped it up :)

Don't you love it? And it helps with my plan to introduce an accent colour of dark blue to the living room.

So go check out Kerri's shop if you haven't already and buy up big before she becomes rich and famous and starts charging a bomb, hehehehehe.

And here is another item I've made to introduce some dark blue...
I took an old lamp shade and used some of the navy blue and white striped cotton I bought in the Lincraft sale the other day to cover it.

If you haven't covered a lamp shade before it's super easy (well it is when you use a drum shape) simply measure how much material you'll need to wrap around with a bit extra to fold over to make a clean join, cut it with enough at the top and bottom to wrap over onto the inside of the shade. Then lay the material out flat, peg one end of the material to the top and bottom of the shade then as you roll peg more pegs to secure it. Then glue the material to the inside and use the pegs to hold it until it's dry.

The lamp base has also had a make over as it used to be brass and I kept it as brass for years but I got tired of it and decided to spray it with the trusty metal spray that Lisa from Ledamae put me onto when she gave me the silver tray you can see the side of in this pic. See the post about the silver tray here. You can see the etched pattern on the lamp coming through the white paint and it gives it an interesting patina.

What do you think?

Here it is on the hall table along with the little blue and white turkish bowl I showed you last week.

And I've got another exciting project/find to show you in the next day or so which I stumbled across this morning! YAY!

Have a great day everyone!!!


  1. Janette, you are just too sweet for words - thank you so much! I'm so glad you like your print :)
    That new lampshade looks fantastic too - is there nothing you can't do? K xxx

  2. Its looking super Janette...Kerri's print looks like it was always meant to sit beautifully on your floating shelf..and I love what you have done with the lampshade....I love a good DIY...The only suggestion I would make would be to also introduce something tall to the arrangement? Or if you have some lovely home magazines or books...the lamp would would look quite nice sitting ontop of a pile of them and will add more height?
    cannot wait to see what you have going next lovely ;)

  3. Oh no! You've made me start a wish list for mother's day when I wasn't going to have one this year :) That coral print is stunning, I think I *need* one too. Beautiful! N x

  4. Loving the stripey lampshade! You're so nifty.

    ~ Clare x

  5. Love the lampshade (and the way it's displayed)
    The new print is gorgeous too. What a beautiful home you have x

  6. Love Kerri's print and the striped lampshade! Love adding new colours into the home. We must be on the same track as I have just added some pink to the home which of course means recovering lamps, cushions etc :)
    P.S - have you been getting my emails re picnic? Not sure if I have your correct email xx

  7. Love it! The lamp looks great really effective and the whole arrangement works so well together. Those blues are favourites of mine also and just posted about some blue bottles and white tea lights I purchased. I think a lamp like this one will go well with them. Have to give it a whirl, thanks for the inspiration. Gx

  8. Nice work on the lamp! That metal paint is fantastic.
    Beautiful print too, suits the space perfectly xj

  9. The print looks so nice up on the shelf with the blue backdrop. I love the lampshade as well. You did a great job. It reminds me of the ones over at Ada and Darcy which are so pretty :)

  10. You have done a great job with the shade Janette and the dark blue of Kerri's coral really adds a lot to your shelf. Keep it comin'!

  11. NIce work. Very clever to snap up one of Kerri's gorgeous pieces. I just love the denim blue.
    And your lampshade is great.

  12. they both look beautiful..Kerri is an amazing artist i love her work:)loving that shade, well done cant wait to see your next project:)

  13. Lovely job on the lamp Janette....I love Kerri's art work, you talented ladies make me very envious!!!
    Blue is my favourit colour so Im loving your new accent pieces!!


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx