Monday, February 7, 2011

Drive by drool

Do you remember this post last year when I took you all for a drive to see some of my fav houses in the area? Well I decided it's been too long between drive bys so here we go, buckle up...

I think this house is really old, I don't think it's a new house made to look old and how beautiful is the garden. This is SO up my alley!

Another one of a similar style but I think this one is a newer version. How nice is that path with the fountain in the middle and all those beautiful hedges. I just love shutters on houses don't you?

Another shutter delight! This French inspired house is a new build but done beautifully.

And next door to it is this one, no shutters but I certainly wont hold it against the house Ooooo La la!

Do you like the style of these houses?

As you can see from the sky in these photos it's overcast and COOL! YAY!
After 35+ temperatures all week I am loving this cool weather, ahhhhhhhhhhh! On Saturday night we took the mattress off the bed and put it in the lounge room and had a little sleepover in the lounge next to the air con it was so hot.

Have a great Monday everyone,


  1. totally like the first and second pic's.........very noice, hope your having a wonderful start to the week, i love that you slept in the lounge, we often do the same thing {kinda fun huh????} big smooch lisa xx

  2. Drive by drool...that's very good :) I'm loving the second one most. My poor girl moved house in Sydney on Saturday and then stepped on a bee and is now on antibiotics and off work for two days. So I'm really glad you're all getting some cooler temps, although camping in the living room sounds like a bit of fun x

  3. Wow, they're huge, aren't they? Imagine doing the vacuuming - it would take me forever! I think my pic might be the first ones, especially if it's the oldest.
    You poor thing in the heat. Lyn has been up there at Cessnock working on a power station in the heat and said today it is sooooo much cooler.

  4. Love it, the second one is really my taste. I love old houses. I just went for a walk through our neighbourhhod and was admiring the beautiful big old houses, such fun to do. G

  5. Ah, Janette, please make this a recurring series - I love it! I really don't know which one to pick - maybe the Francophile in me prefers #3 the best. I cannot believe the heat you're been sweltering in. That's when I'm relieved we made the move back to Hobart and its more temperate climate. J x

  6. Hi Janette,
    Such lovely homes. I love looking at homes it's fun and inspiring. These homes are just divine, talk about drive by drool alright!
    Donna xx

  7. So enjoyed your drive bys, what lovely homes.

  8. Thanks for the drive by Janette, lovely homes too. I think I like the second one best. It is a little cooler here today as well but still hot when you are running around doing housework!!! Yuk! ;-)

  9. I am wiping my mouth at the first two. Lovely.

  10. I love these posts of yours - the first two houses are my favourites, gorgeous homes and gorgeous gardens.

  11. Salivating just at the sight! I wish I lived in an area with such drive-by delights, or in one of those homes would be even better!

  12. oh my!! the first is my favorite..i am already picturing myself living here lol xx
    p.s keep them coming i love these drive by drools:)

  13. I love them. Anything even slightly resembling Georgian architecture is beautiful! Rachaelxx


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