Thursday, February 28, 2013

Inspiration: Gorgeous Grey Nursery

While wandering the wonderful world of the web, I stumbled across this gorgeous nursery. It is so simple, so chic and so stylish that I just knew it had to be designed by a Scandinavian, and I was right! They just have such style about them those northerly folk - don't you think!?

The trend, in recent years, of treating a nursery with sophistication and flair gets a big thumbs up from us at My Sweet Prints. This stunning example just goes to show that even without colour and fluff a nursery can be cozy, welcoming and calming - just what you want when that little one arrives!

This Gorgeous Grey Nursery was found on the April and May Mini Blog.


  1. It is full of beautiful shapes and textures but I couldn't help thinking it would be a bit odd to bring a baby into a 'black and white' world...before it has a chance to learn about the delights of colour. Baby colour, however, would look fabulous against this background palette.

  2. It is stylish but I think it lacks warmth - I want to splash some red in there!

  3. Stunning! I think grey is a restful and stylish colour it definitely works for a nursery. CL


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