Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tattly Temporary Tattoos

Tattly is a brand offering super cool temporary tattoos for kids and funky grown ups!

Gone are the days of those hideous temporary tattoos that are made to look like old sailer tattoos. These "designy" temporary tattoos are just that! Created by designers with fun motifs and colours kids will love! They are very affordable too!

What a great idea for something fun to do with kids on the weekend, or what a hit these would be at a kids party or in the lolly bags! They'll be a hit with the adults too!

They're something different, something unexpected and something we thought was too good not to share!

[all images from Tattly]


  1. these are awesome! I love the rainbows.

  2. They are actualy really cute. I'm not a fan of tatoos at all, though saw one on pinterest the other day that was really geometric and thought it looks quite good.
    Temporary would suit me much better!

  3. Those are really cute, I know my kids would love them:) A great idea for a party.


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