Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Sweet Prints on The Block Shop

We are so excited to finally announce [we couldn't keep it a secret any longer!] that My Sweet Prints is available on The Block Shop thanks to our friends at Down That Little Lane!

We are huge fans of the Channel 9 TV show The Block. This year's All Stars Series started a couple of weeks ago and is proving to be the best season yet! Not only are the all star contestants super talented and creating amazing rooms, but the show has become so much more interactive with its audience. Live Tweets are streamed on-screen as the show airs, but the best part is, you can now buy many of the items from the contestant's rooms through The Block Shop! Including items from My Sweet Prints!

So why don't you head to The Block Shop and check out all the amazing items for sale there and keep an eye out on the show to see the amazing room reveals!

The Block airs weeknights at 7pm, and Sundays 6:30pm on Channel 9 [and affiliates] 


  1. Wow - congrats! That's great news, Loving the show to this year - I love the guys!!! :)


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