Monday, November 29, 2010

Some little additions to the kitchen

I hope you had a great weekend!
We did! I bought three ceiling fans on Saturday from Beacon Lighting to put in the bedrooms we will hopefully get them installed soon, we are also having a new aircon installed tomorrow!!! YAY getting ready for summer!

While I was out shopping for the fans I stopped in at Spotlight to get a few Christmasy things. Like Bon Bons, gift tags, I think I want to make some white bunting for the deck and I also spotted this cute white 'Kitchen' sign and couldn't resist!

Look at that groovy retro typeface! I love it and doesn't it go well with my old style radio! If you're new to my blog and want to see my little kitchen makeover post click here.

Another new addition in the kitchen are these wooden alphabet and number magnets I made for Will to play with.

We were given two wooden puzzles handed down from friends but when all the pieces were ending up everywhere (and Will's not really old enough for a 26 piece puzzle) I decided to turn them into magnets for the fridge.

I bought a long roll of magnetic tape with a sticky side to it and chopped pieces off and stuck them on the back of the puzzle pieces.

They look great and have already provided a good hour or two of play time for Will!

I love it when you can re-purpose something don't you???

On Sunday we had a birthday BBQ for Glen's birthday with family and friends.

I was cheeky and turned the numbers around on his cake :)
It was a lovely afternoon and all the kids played really well. Oh and see the massive sandpit you can see in the background? Well we are part way through a landscaping project... I will do a post on it once we've finished.

How was your weekend? What did you get up to?
Have a great day,


  1. Your little corner of the 'kitchen' is very sweet, clever buying at Spotlight and ingenious use of the magnets + puzzle.

    Felicity x

  2. I love your kitchen sign, Janette! It looks fabulous near your radio:) How clever of you to turn the puzzle numbers and letters into magnets, I bet Will loves to play with them :) I didn't know there was such a thing as magnet tape. Happy belated birthday to Glen. Hope you have a fabulous Monday, Gorgeous ~ Txx

  3. That's a terrific idea...I love fridge magnets! And that naughty birthday cake looks pretty good too :)

  4. Great idea with the magnets Janette. Your kitchen sign looks great on your window too! ;-)

  5. Loving the sign, Janette. Spotlight has so many goodies at the moment!

    A fab idea about the magnets - I only wish the front of our stainless steel fridge was magnetic. Sigh.

    Oh, and Miss India would love such a sandpit. We have the standard plastic shell sandpit which hasn't been filled with sand since we moved to Hobart. It's on next weekend's to-do list! J x

  6. The grooviest kitchen sign, Janette in just the right spot. I smiled when I saw the magnets - we've got some on our lower freezer door too. Only thing is lately when Lily throws a tantrum, she loves swiping them all off before storming out:)

  7. Love the kitchen gadgets! And giving old things a new purpose is my specialty. I love thrift stores for that. Finding a lonely forgotten pillar holder or old bottle and turning tem into somthing new i love that! You ca c some of my creations here:
    anw ur very clever to make magnets...and cheeky! At first glance i thought wait a minute ur hubby looks well preserved for that age :) haha! Well done!
    Xxx kasia

  8. Nice work with the fridge magnets! Ollie has just discovered them too - but i am trying not to encourage it at his age. Awesome sandpit - looking forward to seeing the project in full - and love the kitchen sign. We had a lovely weekend doing chores and enjoying the fine (but very smoky) saturday weather and we even got our sand pit up and running too!

  9. Kitchen love from me.
    It was Miss L's party celebration. She is 10 this weekend.
    We had loads of fun and spent Sunday recovering X

  10. I LOVE browsing through Spotlight. There is just so much to see. Your sign is just gorgeous and looks perfect there on the windowsill. (I also had a lovely look at your kitchen makeover - what a fabulous job!) Your husband is a very sprightly looking 93year old! I hope all his Birthday wishes come true! ;)Sharyne

  11. I love the kitchen sign- so cute:). You sound like you had a great weekend. We got lots of chores done- yay:)

  12. You're so inventive with the fridge magnets Janette, they look great!

    Oh, I saw those words in Spotlight on the weekend too and was thinking of getting 'laugh' but didn't see the kitchen one which looks lovely. I saw a gorgeous blue and white 2 tiered cake stand as well which, looking at your kitchen, would go perfectly :-)

    p.s. funny candle arrangement, bet Glen loved that!!

  13. love the magnets - great idea. Looks like a yummy cake. I saw the material you used for your blind recently when looking for some fabric, took me a little while to remember why it was familiar - I adore it.
    Rebecca x

  14. Sounds like a wonderful weekend Janette and the magnetic letters look so lovely. What a great idea to repurpose them. I am sure they will bring enjoyment for you all for years to come. It's a great way to leave little notes for family. I am looking forward to seeing your landscaping reveal too. xx

  15. Hope you're enjoying your new fans and air con - we've had several days over 35 recently so I totally understand the need for you all to feel cool and comfortable. I love your kitchen touches - the sign is very cool and I've always loved that radio of yours. The magnets you've made look great - what a clever idea for the puzzle you were given. I wanted to get some magnetic letters for Grace but the magnets on those are the little small round ones which are dangerous if swallowed. Your way is a fantastic safe idea for littlies. I ended up using some of the magnet strips like you have on some huge fabric covered buttons for Grace. Happy belated birthday to Glen - hope he had fun celebrating his last birthday in his 30's :)


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