Friday, November 26, 2010

New Print - LOVE

I've got a new print which I've just gotten around to adding to my shops. It's called LOVE!!!!

"Bring some colour and LOVE into your home with this simple design 8 x 10 print.
Featuring words from the very popular wedding reading
'Love is patient, love is kind...' from 1 Corinthians 13."

It comes in three colours but as always, I'm happy to make in your own favourite colour!

It's simple, but it's positive and I think we all need a reminder of what the qualities of LOVE really are!

You can find it in my shops here:

I'd love to know which of the three colours you like the best???

Have a LOVE-ly day everyone :)

P.S. thank you all for your very sweet comments about my 'bloggers block' yesterday. I'm feeling a bit better today and my wonderful Mum has just taken Will for a sleepover so I can get some rest and relaxation - aren't Mum's the best in the world??? LOVEYOUMUM!!!


  1. L-O-V-E IT ; ) x Glad you are feeling better honey...a little break is always rejuvenate...or catch up on the never ending chores.
    What software do you use to create your designs hon? Am looking for some other program that doesn't frustrate me as much as publisher does ; /

  2. LOVE it!
    This should be a popular one.
    Great for a wedding,anniversary or anytime gift.
    I know I need a reminder about patience and some of those other qualities.

  3. Gorgeous, love the blue. Also love your Eiffel Tower. G

  4. Love the Love print Janette. The simplicity and the elegance- stunning.
    I hope you make the most of your day and rest up a little. Your Mum is such a love for understanding that you needed a day of rest:)

  5. Beautiful print - you are so full of wonderful ideas. A night off! I am a little jealous! Enjoy!

  6. oh i love this one! i like green the best :)

  7. Good to see you have your mojo back. LOVE the print.

  8. enjoy the night.....not blogging but spending time totally relaxing....wish my parents lived here so zeke could have sleep overs, enjoy your night janette xx

  9. Good to see you are back in form Janette, this is gorgeous. What a beautiful sentiment. I have one of my designs up for a giveaway if you want to take a look...Have a great weekend, and enjoy the PEACE while the little one is away (there you go there's another one, you could have PEACE & LOVE!!!!)

  10. Just delightful, Janette, as always. We had that reading at our wedding. I bet it will be a hit. J x

  11. You're so lucky. My mother has Alzheimer's & i know she's really uncertain who my youngest 3 children are, it's sad, unfair, nasty disease. Enjoy the time she spends with your children, i've never had my parents take them for a sleepover ever!! Or my in-laws?? They are beautiful lovely well behaved children, it's just weird. Love Posie

  12. I 'love' it :) My fave is the first one. And that verse has meaning for me being one of the reading at our wedding. Glad you're feeling a bit better today and hope you enjoy your quiet night. Yay for Mums xx

  13. It's lovely Janette! I think I like the blue one best. I hope you have had a relaxing evening xx

  14. That is gorgeous Janette, loving the blue. Emma. xx

  15. Gorgeous! Think I like aqua the best. But then... the pink is is cute too....

    ~ Clare x

  16. Another gorgeous print Janette!! I 'love' it! The first colour would be my favourite, but they are all so lovely! ~ Txx


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx