Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DIY - Sisal rope art via Design*Sponge

Good morning everyone!

Feel like a little DIY project? Well look at what I stumbled across on Design*Sponge...

Sisal Rope Art! Very cool hey, and looks quite easy from the online tutorial.

You can also make it as a place mat/table runner type of thing...

There is a real revival of rope-y sort of crafts isn't there. I'm seeing crochet, knitting, macrame etc coming back everywhere. In all the home/design mags etc.

My Mum used to have a Macrame owl in our family room when I was really young, you know the type, it sits on a stick. Also a Macrame hanging pot holder thingy.

Here is a pretty cool Macrame Owl I found via a google image search...

Did you have any macrame masterpieces in your home?

Have a lovely day everyone, don't get blown away in the wind today if you're in Sydney.

Take care,


  1. That macrame owl is very cute. Somehow my mother wasn't on board with the whole macrame thing back when it was popular. I did an assignment on macrame at Uni for Interior Design once. Love the rope art tho'. Michelle

  2. Actually, I think my father-in-law still has a macrame wall hanging in his back room - wow, things really have come full circle! Love the sisal number though, very clever. By the way, I think you must have sent the wind our way, because it's blowing a gale here in Brissie too. Have a great day, Kerri xx

  3. We had a macrame over sized fork and spoon holder that all hung on the wall.....and of course we had the crochet hanging pot holders..
    Love the rope idea.....very cool

  4. I had the owl....not as cute as that one. I also made the plant hangers. I think I took a class.
    Not sure I am ready for them to come back, hah.

  5. Oh Janette, macrame, noe that takes me back!!!! lol! I am thinking of the sisal rope for a wall hanging to fill the white wall on my stairs..... Hmmmmm, thinking, thinking, thinking....

  6. I love the rope art. Used to have a macrame owl I'm sad to say, but even sadder to say I had a macrame plant hanger. I'm sure they were way cool back then :)

  7. I love the rope art...We also had to macrame plant hangers, Ah the good ole'days are making an updated come back!!!

  8. How 70's! Yep, I used to make those plant holder thingys when I was a primary school and my Mum used them all. So kind of her... Don't know where they ended up though... hmmm...

  9. How funny!Don't mind the rope art, but despite what the mags say, I am not ready for macrame! That's one trend I will simply allow to remain as a fond memory of my childhood!
    X Briohny.

  10. So funny, I bought a macrame owl from a Slavo's the other day and plan to blog about it later this week. Looks like opinion on whether they should come back is divided...lovely blog, by the way.

  11. That looks like a really effective piece! I remember a macrame piece we had when I was little which hung a pot plant in our laundry :)

  12. Oh my goodness Janette! That macrame owl has caused all sorts of flashbacks for me! We made one of those each in primary school....ok I am obviously giving away my age here!!! Loving the sisal wall art :) Hope you are having a wonderful week sweet girl Huge hugs to you and Will ~ XX PS: Have just read your email and will reply ASAP -xxxxxx

  13. OMG Janette! I am really showing my age here, but my teacher's wife in about grade 5 or 6 was really into macrame & she used to come to school once a week and we had lessons. I can remember making several pot plant hangers for mum & thinking how great I was at the time! She kept them for years until they rotted and the pots fell out. I wonder if I will be that nice to H when she comes home from school with something just as ugly!!! illy the cuddly xo

    PS I've never seen an owl one before - he looks kind of cute!


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