Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A corner of my home

Ok so I'm determined to show you the good the bad and the UGLY!

So today's 'A corner of my home' post is our bathroom.

Just warning you that the images in this blog post may offend your sense of aesthetics, especially if you are not a big fan of PINK.

The only change we've really made to the bathroom was replacing the 60's white plastic tap sets to some silver ones.

And the only thing I have on my to-do list for the bathroom is get a new mirror custom made with a slight bevelled edge to be stuck onto the cabinet door and replace the current one which has the hideous maroon coloured tiles around it.

The other thing we could look at doing is replacing the weird coloured shower screen with a white one or a semi frameless one. We replaced the shower screens in our last apartment and the transformation was great. But the thing is, in the end we're still stuck with a super daggy bathroom and we really don't want to put any money into a room which is perfectly functional.

The walls in our bathroom and laundry are asbestos so we're not about to go cracking into any tiles to re tile. I've looked into tile paint to paint over the pink and those ugly tiles around the bath but the paint is very expensive and I'm not sure about how long it would look good for. Anyone used tile paint in a bathroom before? How did it go?

So I think our bathroom will be staying pretty much as is until we figure out what we're doing with the house. Anyone have any SUPER, SUPER, SUPER cheap ideas for me to help undagify it?

Someone who is oblivious to the pink is this little man...

That's a tin of sardines in his hand btw ?!?!?!

And I'm sure if we have a little girl one day, she will love the pink bathroom :)

Have a lovely day,


  1. Isee these pics and think 'Potential +'.
    I too have uglier [90's geometric] tiles in our bathrooms so I'll be popping back in to see what clever tips the 'Super-stylish' sisters have to share.

  2. Hi Janette. I've used the tile paint before and it lasts really well if you follow the instructions...surprisingly I did! I was going to suggest you put a rug on the tiles but then I realised how impractical that would be with Will! I reckon either completely accentuate the pink and go wild with it and choose a complete contrast like aqua or black for bath mats and towels?? If you could paint the tiles around the shower and bath I think that would make a world of difference and let the floor tiles do the talking!

  3. I'm stumped. I don't know much about resurfacing and tile paint. One of the wonderful bloggers will come up with something I'm sure. It's actually not that bad. I agree with the shower screen though, it would make a huge difference. Thanks for showing us! Rachaelxx

  4. Love your term 'undagify' :) I think you guys are being really sensible thinking not investing too much into your bathroom until you decide on your long term house plans. Didn't realise you had a cabinet behind the mirror, I was wondering where you put all your stuff :) A nice sleek mirror there will be lovely. I agree with Kerry above and think if you could paint just those border tiles along the bath and side of the shower (not sure if they extend into the shower but you don't see that with it closed) it would make a big difference and then they wouldn't be clashing with the floor tiles. If you add anything else in the room I'd stay very neutral and just let the pink in the room be your colour. Thanks for sharing this part of your home even though it's not your favourite room in the house :) Enjoy your day xx

  5. Hi Janette, we painted the tiles in the kitchen above the sink(and still have some to do) but it is working really well (and I constantly splash water about)and I now love the look. I think you could do this also and replace the shower screen to a frameless and it would look much fresher. Good luck, hope to see some after shots...

  6. Sorry, forgot to add -Perhaps you could even paint the tiles around your mirror rather than replace? I hope this advice is sounding budget conscious? ;-)

  7. Hi Janette, call me crazy but I dont really hate the pink! I agree about the shower screen and the tiles around the bath but other than that go with the pink! xx

  8. YAY!!! The pink bathroom - ever since you mentioned it on my blog I have been wondering what it's like. Call me crazy but I don't mind it. I agree that white tile paint would be a nice improvement and maybe add a bit of bright colour somewhere?
    You know, I'd swap your bathroom for mine ANY DAY!!!! I think if I posted mine, no one would ever return!

  9. I heard the tile paint is pretty good actually.
    the new changes you are planning to do sounds great...thanks for sharing your little corner once again xx

  10. Hi Jannette, We once painted bathroom tiles & it was very successful. We had a nice purple geometric pattern from floor to ceiling. We had a tiler lay new floor tiles directly over top of the old floor tiles, he put chicken wire down in the tile glue before he layed the actual tiles, apparently this prevents any movement & cracking. It worked a treat & we where able to sell that house for top dollar after such a cheap make over. Hope you have a lovely week!!

  11. Thanks for keeping it real Janette. I love how you shared what you consider a daggy bathroom! I agree that it has heaps of potential and I love the shape of the basin. Like everyone else I think some white tile paint would make a huge difference. xx

  12. I have a purple bathroom, so pink much better!! Loving those windows! I would def put a stunning mirror there to accentuate these.

  13. You're right about girls loving the pink. My sister has a similar bathroom with the great pink toilet and washbasin. She had some little girl visitors the other day and they each made about 10 trips to the bathroom just so they could use the pink toilet!

  14. My bathroom is tiny although there is room for a small bath and free standing shower except no window, eek!

    These are ideas I'd use if I owned it: make a skirt for under and around the basin. Get a wooden plank mat (if you know the ones I mean?) instead of a bath mat as they breed germs and get really damp etc. Make some pretty curtains for the windows or half curtains i.e. starting from the middle down - maybe match with the basin skirt. Change that mirror! :-)And put lots of beautiful plants in which love a damp atmosphere.

    Hope these help and of course let us know what you decide and show us!

  15. I actually don't mind the pink - it's the shower screen & the tiles that need work. I can really see potential here. I've never tried painting over tiles & have often wondered how long it lasts. Look into it, because if it works that's more than half the ugly battle over. I suggest a frameless shower screen (expensive I know) but I think it would make a world of difference. After all that is done pretty curtains on the windows. Go all out girly! Don't worry about G & W! illy the cuddly xo

  16. hey Jb

    You know I dont mind your pink bathroom.
    Our new place just happens to have a pink bathroom too, with beautiful pink and blue flowered wall paper..not..! let me know if you come up with any good ideas, as we need to revamp ours. Those single taps are really annoying arent they? you can only get either hot or cold water.. I think this is the first thing we will replace.. see you soon..


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