Monday, August 2, 2010

Feel like some window shopping?

Then check out my website as I've made some changes to it in the last week, including adding an eCommerce shopping cart!

So you can now purchase direct through my website - it's very exciting!!!
I have most of my prints up on the shop but still have to upload a few more.

If you get the chance I'd love you to take a look around the site and tell me what you think. Is there anything else you'd like to see, info you think I should add?

Thanks lovely ladies! Have a great evening,


  1. Just checked out your site and the changes you've made Janette and it all looks wonderful. It all loads pretty quickly and the shipping information and product details are clear. Great job!

  2. This is such a great site... i really love your prints. Well done on the success of it!

  3. Congratulations - you are famous! How wonderful for you to be published - your take on the bus scroll is such a clever idea! How encouraging, I hope this propels your business further, you deserve it. Good on you for chasing your dream. Very inspiring!

    I have just caught up on all of your blogs - I love checking in to see what creative things you have been up to.

    It sounds like you have a beautiful family life, lots of love and soul, spirituality and creativity in your life. Very refreshing and enjoyable to read about.

    Enjoy your week Janette x o


  4. Will definately check it out Janette, Im going to get a couple of your beautiful prints for a pressie. My cousin just had her 3rd bub, but he is 9wks early so they hadnt decided on a name yet. Will get back to you when I know xx

  5. I just love looking at your home page Janette. The graphics are so cute and appealing. Just the thing to encourage me in to look at more...

  6. Hi Janette,

    That looks impressive, especially the slideshow. You have put a lot of time and energy in this! I need to revamp mine as well :)
    Have a great week!

  7. congrad's......looking good, looking good xox

  8. Just visited your and its very great! Im glad you have finally came up with another site! Awesome!


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx