Sunday, February 7, 2010

On sale at Target

This is what you do when you're restless baby is sick of shopping, stick him in with the googly balls at Target!

Isn't he the CUTEST!!! (non-biased mum talking of course). I love how his cheeks look so chubby, his little toes are sticking up and his hair is all boofy from waking up from a nap in the pram.

AND, he's got his first tooth coming through (bottom right) and one more about to break through (top right). He's taking it very well. Brave little bubba!

Sorry, just had to share!


  1. Oh Janette this is too gorgeous!! How adorable is your little man!!! I think the target price tag was way too cheap my dear!! He is priceless:) Thanks for sharing - he is such a cutie!! - Tina x

  2. That is SOOOOO cute - his chubby cheeks and cute little toes are adorable!!! Poor little man teething - we've been going through a similar thing this past week with Grace's first three teeth poking through in the last week. It's nice to read about someone in the same shoes with a little bub and especially being a first time mum too. Thanks for your feedback on Grace's room - Belle and Boo are one of my favourite Etsy sellers - would love some of their prints for when Grace's room becomes a 'big girl room' one day.


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