Monday, February 8, 2010

Vertical Stripes

What do you think about vertical stripes?

Here is an idea I've been toying with for our bedroom makeover - vertical stripes.

I would love to wallpaper part of the bedroom but I'm really trying to keep the costs to a minimum so I was thinking that this could be a fun alternative. What do you think?

Spoke to Hubby last night about the bedroom plans and he seemed to be on board with it all. Didn't even shudder when I suggested painting our timber bed white. (This is sort of an ongoing joke between the two of us because when there is ever discussions about colour I always say 'I think it should be white'. Hubby says I'd even paint the cat white if he wasn't white already).

Has anyone out there painted vertical stripes before? Was it easy?

Have a wonderful day,


  1. Hi Janette - I haven't painted vertical stripes but so wishe we had smooth walls (ours are covered in trim) so that I could do it. I would love to do a pearlised stipe in the same colour as the base paint. If you do paint your bedroom with stripes, PLEASE post a pic I would love to see it:)Have a lovely Monday - Tina x

  2. I haven't done it, but I once say it a house I inspected last year, and it looked amazing. It looks hard though, it could take a bit of time ensuring lines are straight, especially in period homes when walls aren't straight. Love to see how your romm turns out Janette.

    Have a happy day.

  3. Haven't painted stripes ourselves but I've seen something similar online before and it looked great. I say go for it! The worst part will be the preparation all the masking up. That bedroom above is gorgeous - everything compliments each other so nicely x

  4. I haven't painted vertical stripes, but what I did in my bedroom was buy a good quality vertical striped material in black & a light coffee colour (our bedroom decor is Contemporary/French Provincial) and hung it behind our bed. That particular wall, is also a dark painted feature wall, so when I feel like a different look, I take the stripes down & hang a beautiful large canvas above the bed instead!

    Be brave and go the stripes! I love that picture.

    Ciao, ciao


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