Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We picked our first tomatoes yesterday from our veggie patch.

I think we could have left them for an extra day or two on the vine but we were too excited :)

Have you grown anything lately?


  1. We have been picking tomatoes as well. Don't worry about picking them a little early as they'll still ripen. Yum!

  2. I agree with Sarah, sometimes it's best for them to ripen in your kitchen rather than risk them being 'overdone' on the bush. I've given up on our poor tomato plants and cherry tomato bushes. The recent heat wave here has pretty much scorched them all. I'm not planting anything new in the patch until autumn I've decided. My herb pots are doing okay though. I think next summer I'll need to put some shadecloth over our vegetable garden.

  3. Well done, and don't they taste so much better than the shop ones!

  4. yeah they look as plump as your tum tum!!

    congrats you're going so well, Love the brunette too!!!


  5. How very exciting Janette! I've grown my first ever tomatoes this year, and it's been a bumper crop, and that's with losing a whole load to the rain. Nothing beats homegrown fruit and veg.


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