Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby B nursery moodboard

You might remember when I blogged about Will's new room moodboard I said that I would probably leave his old room as is for Baby B as I didn't feel like decorating two rooms in a short space of time?

Well.... hehehe, do you think I could be sensible and stick to that decision? NO, the decorating bug bites hard and so here is Baby B's new nursery moodboard.


I've bought the cute whale fabric from Funky Fabrix and I'm using the teal, light blue, reddy/orange and orange as my colour palette as well as navy as the base. I'm going to make a cot blanket, cushion covers and cover the existing light shade with the fabric.

I've purchased the felt to make the rainbow cloud mobile (in the colour scheme colours only). I've got the navy curtains and because the one wall is already painted light blue I'm going to hang white tissue paper pom poms as clouds above the cot.

I think we'll get an ikea Poang chair to be my feeding chair but the navy one.

And I've designed the 'Somewhere over the Rainbow print' esp for Baby B (but might make it a new series to add to the shop - what do you think?) and I'll hang two chevron patterned prints on either side of it.

What do you think? I'd love your feedback! Any other ideas?

Thank you for your lovely comments on my new hair yesterday, I'm still getting used to it when I look in the mirror :)

Have a great day,


  1. That's going to look perfect. I especially love the white pom poms as I think you can never have enough white in a babies room. x

  2. Oh J, it's gorgeous! And Yes, I LOVE the print!

  3. OH Janette, it will be gorgeous. Be prepared to replace the pom poms after a while as they really gather the dust. I love the colour scheme.

  4. It looks fabulous Janette - can't wait to see it all come together! x

  5. hi Janette its been a while since i've visited i love all the items you picked,the navy is a safe color together with all your other contrasts.fabulous ideas.. how exciting!!cant wait to see it all finished:) xox

  6. Love, can't wait to see what you 'do to the place!' I like those curtains actually, I'm kinda over Elliott's. Where are those blue ones from ? ps. I am so overdue thanking you for your message on fb that is reached embaracing. Let it be said that you are the most fabulous person in the world with all your advice, and it is appreciated. Perhaps in the form of a custom-gift when a certain baby is born? ;)
    xx Nicole

  7. This is a gorgeous nursery. I love the colour scheme and that cloud mobile is amazing!

  8. You've just burst my designer bubble for Harper's room! I absolutely LOVE the colours & everything you are planning to do.

    Licks illy


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