Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Love

I'm trying to raise a little romantic.... So when Will and I saw these cute cookies at Coles this morning we bought three of them.

One for Will, one for his BFF girlfriend Sylvie and one for his other girlfriend LouLou.
The three of them do private swimming lessons together on a Monday afternoon at a house down the road.

We made a card for each girl using my heart hole punch.

Here are the words Will wanted to say in Sylvie's card.... 'Cheeeeese', 'Biscuits', 'Angelina', 'My be ballerina'.

The three of them ate their biscuits after swimming together.

And here are the two BFFs at Sylvie's Angelina Ballerina party at the weekend - so cute!



  1. Oh how cute!! I love that last photo. What a sweet idea Mummy :) How do you find private swimming lessons? I saw a sign for them down the road the otherday which caught my eye...


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