Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Hair & a bump pic

Firstly thank you all for your advice re my change of hair colour :)

The general consensus seemed to be to go for the auburn with blonde highlights.

So when I got to the hairdresser I told her what I was thinking and then she got the owner to talk to me about the colour and I thought Hmmmm.... this is exactly what Trish said in her comment yesterday:

"Ok Janette, this ones right up my alley because I am a hairdresser!!!!
if you visit the same hairdresser all of the time he/she will give you great advice because they know you as a client, but being pregnant generally changes the rules. Often when pregnant at the time when you become really sick of your new body shape you will often opt for a change of hair to feel better, it usually results in one of those "hormonal" emotional melt downs, so NO good hairdresser would advise this. I would recommend a mix of auburn & blonde foils, perhaps a dark blonde & a lighter blonde, nothing to radical, to give you that slow progression towards going a little darker."

Which is basically what the hairdresser recommended too :) hehehe thanks Trish for the heads up!

So here are the results... 
(it's hard to get a good pic as the colour looks so different in different lights)

Not quite as auburn-y as I'd planned but quite a lot darker all over and the 'safety' of the blonde over the top.
  It's much closer to my natural colour so 'woo-hoo less regrowth!'

 29 weeks
 And here is a 'Baby B' bump update pic thrown in for good measure :)

So thanks again for the hair help! I wonder what Glen will think when he gets home :)

Have a great evening,


  1. My word Janette!! You look amazing!!! LOVE the hair colour and your bump looks adorable!! x

  2. You look fantastic! A picture of health. You new do and the pregnancy both suit you very well :)

  3. Janette you are looking gorgeous and I think the advice was spot on.

  4. Love it Janette...and it looks so natural too...THUMBS UP!

  5. It looks lovely - very pretty yet natural. Beautiful baby bump as well!

  6. A subtle change can make all the difference to how you feel can't it. It looks lovely Janette. ;-)

  7. look at you gorgeous hair looks fabulous and your bump is beautiful,how fast it's going, you know i was thinking about changing my color hair lately also.will see ;) xox

  8. The new hair looks just fabulous, and what brilliant advice to receive. The darker colour really suits you Janette. And the new nursery sounds perfect - I'm like you, and was also unable to resist redoing the room when my second daughter came along. Love the colour scheme. xx

  9. You look stunning! The colour and cut is gorgeous, Janette. And how lovely of Trisha to offer such spot on advice :)

  10. Having trouble getting used to you as a non blonde! But that doesn't mean I don't like your new look!

    Baby B growing at a fast pace now!

    Lickya later


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx