Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hair cut time

Thank the Lord for patient hairdressers!

My Mum, the hairdresser and I were in fits of laughter watching my little Will get his hair cut. 
He wriggled, said Hi to the people in the salon, played with the combs, spray bottle, showed the hair dresser his dance moves, singing voice with renditions of 'Old MacDonald' and Neon Tree's 'Animals' song with 'Uh Oh.... I want some more...'. 

He was worried about the hairdresser cutting around his ears and would squirm and say 'Ouchy'. I insisted that it wasn't hurting him and pointed out the man next to him having the hair around his ears cut. Will then enquired to the man 'You O-tay man???'

After nearly half an hour his hair was done and his little mop top is now under control.

Have a great day,


  1. Awww. That sounds so cute and entertaining :)

  2. I wish I could have seen that :)

  3. Too funny!! Tom had his hair done yesterday too...only the hairdresser was his big sister who saturated his hair with leave in conditioner spray. He had already had a bath so he went to preschool today with the wet look :)
    Suzie xx

  4. That's hilarious!! Love that photo :)

  5. He sounds just like Lyndon when I cut his hair!
    Will is looking like a real little man with his new "do".

  6. Sooo cute Janette,Im a hairdresser & we love little kids like Will!!!

  7. Hi Janette, new follower, found you through Down That Little Lane's post today.
    Your work is beautiful and your blog is too.
    What a sweet photo of your little man, he is gorgeous. The hairdresser is such a daunting experience for the wee ones. My 3 year old only just went there for the first time recently... kind of outgrew Mama's bowl cuts ;o)
    My 1 year old has just had his first haircut... and I did a pretty good job on his.


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