Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thank you - Down that Little Lane

I wanted to say Thanks to the lovely Tessa of Down That Little Lane today for writing a lovely blog post on My Sweet Prints a few days ago.

Tessa is about to start a new online adventure and I'm very excited to be apart of it.
Check out Tessa's blog if you haven't already and I'm sure you will be hearing more about Down That Little Lane on my blog an everywhere for that matter... very soon.

P.S. Tessa - we'll have to make a plan to catch up again as I've still got your mirror in my handbag :)

Have a great day everyone,


  1. What a lovely post - any store would be lucky to be stocking your gorgeous prints. My friend who I introduced to your Etsy shop showed it to her friend who has recently had a baby and she is very excited over all you have to offer and can't wait to make some purchases!! Enjoy your day lovely x

  2. Lovely. I'm off for a look! Have a lovely day Janette x

  3. Oh thanks poppet!..its all guns blazing at Team Down that Little Lane and we are on the final month countdown...can't wait... 2 years planning, 6 months building....its like having a bubba!! xx

  4. Aw, that post was one sweet thing! I think she's just pleased and happy to do her new online adventure with you. I think it's nice for people to write about you because it makes you realize that it's how other people perceive you.

    I hope you have a fruitful relationship in business and in life! :)


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx