Monday, July 18, 2011

Creating a Reading Space for your Child

I had to blog a link to the My Little Bookcase post from last night about Creating a Reading Space for your Child. It's a fantastic post with so many great tips and inspiring images.

Also for one week only the special range of reading prints which I designed for My Little Bookcase are 25% off!! Did you hear that....? 1 week only!

 Go check them out in my shop

Also, I stopped into The Reject Shop this morning as my sister has bought an apartment (yay, my baby sister's all grown up!) and so my Mum and I had a quick squiz to check out all the bits and bobs Kate could buy there to set up her new pad.
 And look what I found for $6 each! 8 x 10" frames with a vintage look. SIX DOLLARS! So I bought the white and black version, these would suit the reading corner prints perfectly.

Anyway, enjoy the reading space post and have a great day,


  1. I love your new reading corner prints Janette...super cute! I am finally back in blogging land after the holidays. I think I have a few of your posts to catch up on :) thanks you your comment on mine.

  2. Just love the reading spaces on the blog you linked to and love your new reading corner prints. You may have already seen it but I created this little reading nook at our place here. Hope you are well, Nicolex

  3. A super clever idea..what better to personalise a little nook for reading!

  4. It all looks so beautiful.

    I think there should be fun and relaxed reading corners for adults too - I'm not into starched, upright reading places for grown-ups.

    I love your reject shop finds! They really are fantastic. I was there myself yesterday and found 3 gorgeous replica French vintage perfume bottles.

    I can't wait to see your creations for the 2 frames you purchased.

    have a lovely day


  5. Yes, certainly lots of inspiration. Where does one start to implement the ideas?
    Thanks for sharing, and for being part of the project.

  6. Do you know, I actually bought a gold decorative frame from the Reject Shop recently and spray painted it white for Grace's room :) Will definitely check my local store for those gorgeous frames when I'm at the shops tomorrow!! How exciting to be helping your sister decorate her new apartment, she's lucky to have your creative input x

  7. we love the reject shop and yay for your the reading corner post cute xx

  8. Ah, Janette, I'm so delighted to have won one of your reading corner prints through Jackie! Happy days on PB HQ - thankyou ☺. J x

  9. The frames look great and only $6. I will have to check out our store and grab some. Thanks for sharing sweetie. xx

  10. I've got to get some of those frames! I love the reading corner prints, just gorgeous! Rachaelx


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