Friday, July 15, 2011

Big boys toys

This week Will has been in heaven. There have been lots of big boys toys in our street.

Our street was resurfaced so there were steam rollers, tip up trucks and little diggers. They even gave a few little 'hoot hoots' to Will as they went past - made his day!

And earlier this week a house around the corner was demolished (another one bites the dust).

So we sat in one of our neighbours front yards for over half and hour watching the action.

I remember a few months ago a little old lady was talking to me about Will and she said that when boys are little you think they'll all end up being truck drivers or firemen... yep pretty much!

Have a great day everyone,


  1. He's getting so big, Janette! What a cutie and I bet he did love watching the workmen. When two of my cousins were about 3 years old, my mom babysat them during the day and they'd sit at the window every week to see the garbage man pick up the trash and they LOVED it. They'd talk about being garbage men when they grew up. Now they are both in their 20s and laugh about that.

  2. My 2yr old nephew is exactly the same, he never leaves home without a bag of trucks!!

  3. Oh that is so funny, we had the same on our road last week and both my kids stood on the side of the road on railings watching for 20mins too!!

  4. How cute! He must have loved watching all the action :)

  5. Gorgeous and can so relate. My little boy loves watching the builders and is so into cars and trucks at the moment. Good thing the new Cars movie is out! Hope you are having a good weekend. Gx


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