Friday, July 8, 2011

Cool idea - driftwood lamp

After all this wild windy weather we've had this week our gumtree has rained branches down all over our front yard.

THIS could be the the perfect use for all those branches!
Pretty clever isn't it! 
Image via here.

Have a lovely Friday night everyone,


  1. It's a really nice idea but seeing as I'm stilling my stick painting mode I'd gave to take the sticks from your yard and add a splash of colour to them. This wind is awful, isn't it? I am not a fan of wind, except for drying the washing. Have a lovely weekend janette :)

  2. Very cool, would be nice in silver birch as well. happy weekend.

  3. Hi Janette..very clever idea..I wonder what you could put in a few jam jars wrapped with twigs??

  4. Very creative and very lovely :)
    Claudia xo

  5. That is a cool idea, we too have many gum tree sticks in our yard at the moment. Enjoy your weekend

  6. That is clever, love the rustic appeal of it. All for bringing nature inside. I hope the dropping tree branches didn't do any damage. G


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