Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kate Engwirda

Late last year I did a blog post about a very special little girl called Kate, and I know her story touched so many of your hearts. You can read the blog post again HERE.

It is with such a heavy heart that I have very sad news to share with you...
Kate's Mum Fiona contacted me through the original blog post to let me know that Kate passed away very suddenly on the 21st of May. When I read the message I just couldn't stop balling my eyes out (for a little girl I've never met) and I was so touched that Fiona would take the time to let us know, in the midst of everything she's going through.

Fiona has kindly shared a link to a beautiful photo montage of Kate's life which you can view here

I contacted Lesley (the lovely MSP customer and close friends with the Engwirda's) to pass on my sympathies and she said that, if I was comfortable with it, to do a post about Kate and her Mum Fiona.

Kate passed away at a place called Bear Cottage, which is in Sydney. There is no such resource in Brisbane, and it really is an amazing place and such a needed resource for kids with life limiting illnesses and their families, every state should have one.
There is good news on the horizon though….
Hummingbird House will deliver a supportive home away from home for families impacted by a child’s life-limiting illness, in Brisbane. This is such a worthwhile charity (the Engwirdas stayed at Bear Cottage twice – they would have been able to access more frequently if they lived in Sydney). So please donate, donate, donate….every $$ count

Kate's Mum has also been nominated for a Pride of Australia Award and you can read about it here:

What an amazing lady! Fiona, your courage and strength is an absolute inspiration!

In Fiona's words, Kate was...

So Loved, So Loving, So Lovely


  1. Oh what terribly sad news. It's hard to know what else to say but I do hope the hummingbird centre helps other families. Sending my condolences to Kate's family x

  2. Poor little poppet and her poor family. I feel like a little breath of saddness has just washed over me, I can't imagine losing a child. The fundraising being done sounds like it's for a very worthwhile cause x

  3. I remember the post last year. What a sweet angel. I love that the family took so many pictures. Rest in peace Kate.

  4. Oh dear, my condolences to Kate's family and friends. Thank you for posting about such a worthy cause.

  5. I remember reading your first post about Kate & it touched my heart, such sad news to hear of her passing. Thanks for posting about it Janette, it's not easy to write about circumstances like this. I will pray for the family.
    Suzie xx

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  7. Kate is the most amazing little girl I have ever met - she obviously got that from her mother :) Kate's life was filled with 100% pure love from everyone that knew her and she has the most amazing parents and two gorgeous brothers. Fiona (Kate's Mum) is a very dear friend of mine and my heart breaks for her every day but I also smile because it was because of Kate that I got to meet Fiona, and for that I am thankful every day. Thank you for sharing Janette xx

  8. I wasn't around when you wrote original post but I can't help it but feeling sad and thinking that life is just not fair...she was gorgeous
    Claudia xo

  9. That is a heartbreaking thing to have to read. Children being sick is so unfair. I'm due to have my next bub in September and I have nominated Bear Cottage as my charity for donations instead of new baby pressies. I have already raised $350 and am aiming for $800. Was lovely to hear a first hand story from such a worthy place.


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