Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stockist in the Spotlight: Little Indigo

 Today I have the pleasure of sharing an interview with Jo, the owner of Little Indigo children's boutique, a gorgeous online store!
Tell us about your shop
eg. What you stock, best selling items, what you specialise in.
Little Indigo is an online boutique stocking a wide range of clothing, accessories, room décor, wall art, toys and stationery for little ones.  Little Indigo specialises in unique, limited edition and handmade pieces by Australian designers.  The best selling items on my website would have to be the gorgeous handmade dolls by Cuckoo for Coco.  They have developed a cult following and sometimes sell out within an hour of hitting the site!
When did you open your shop? and what was the motivator behind opening your shop/starting your own business?
I opened Little Indigo in November 2010.  The inspiration for Little Indigo definitely came from having my two boys and developing a love of online shopping.   I really wanted to develop a site that could offer customers something a little bit different or quirky, the opposite of mainstream and something that reflected my own personal tastes and style.  I love to research and so I really the enjoy the process of sourcing the different products that I stock.
What is the biggest challenge?
Definitely the biggest challenge associated with working from home is juggling my roles as mum, Owner of Little Indigo and also part time worker.  My boys are 5 and 3 and at home with me every day, so I have a lot of late nights!

What is the greatest reward?
The greatest reward would have to be my customers, particularly the many loyal return customers that have shopped at Little Indigo since it’s opening.  And the fact that other people love the items that I have personally chosen for the store gives me a real buzz!
What's planned for the future of your shop?
My eldest son starts school next year (which means more time!) and so I hope to continue to grow the business and add many new and interesting products to the mix.  My ultimate dream would be to open a Bricks and Mortar store to complement the online side of the business.  You never know…it might happen one day!

Thanks so much Jo, and I can't wait to see if you open a Bricks and Mortar store one day down the track!
You can Follow Little Indigo on Facebook and their blog here.

I hope you are all enjoying this Stockist in the Spotlight series - I know I'm finding it inspirational.
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  1. Another online store I am yet to visit so thanks for sharing this interview Janette. Hope you and Will have a lovely day today x

  2. very, very cute

    Lovely colours and well put together



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