Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kids Storage

I don't know about you but toys and their storage are constantly issues in our house (and we've only got 1 child!).
So today I thought I'd show you some very cool storage ideas...

I like these labelled basket drawers, the freezer style basket for the softies and the book stand.

How pretty is this double room! Love the colour of the old style dresser and the under bed baskets look great! Isn't that rug gorgeous!

Wow, I wish I had this study for myself let alone for kids! The two separate 'named' shelving areas, the see through chairs and the book cases are all great.

This is tres chic is it not? Love the storage drawers and the matching stools with the names on it.
Images above via here

Here is what I bought yesterday from Ikea to help with our toy storage issues...
It is the Ikea KUSINER box with compartments for $9.95.

I bought two of them and they sit stacked on top of each other and hold all of the little fiddly toys so nicely!

How do you win the battle against the ever growing toy monster? Do you have any clever tips?

And thank you so much for all the lovely comments yesterday re Will's birthday party. I was so overwhelmed and happy that everyone enjoyed seeing the pics.

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  1. Love your ideas, all practical and stylish at the same time. Storage is a big issue for us...small house and three kids don't get along very well, tips...well I'm constantly tidying up, sorting and filling up bags for the church...yes good cause some may say but not much fun!:))

  2. I just buy baskets of varying sizes from Charity Shops and have one massive one in the living room to chuck most stuff in, also use any of the raffia style enviro bags I find to divide small stuff when out back in the cupboard xx

  3. I love the fourth image..that is what I want for our youngest two.
    Storage is seriously lacking in our home...it's tiny and houses seven of us and I find myself getting more and more frustrated by the week at how cluttered it feels.

  4. Those all look so neat and tidy - I love the labelled baskets in the first one. The Ikea boxes you bought look perfect for small bits and bobs. Grace just has three big baskets for her toys and a plastic tub for soft toys in her bedroom at the moment.

  5. i love the third image absolutely what i need with the boys... i always need storage, i seem to use the colorful straw square baskets from spotlight,they have worked a treat with the cars,trains and softies in our household.love the purchase from ikea..great idea:) xx

  6. Toys seem to multiply don't they? We use the good old Ikea shelving with baskets (all with labels). I love the rug in the second image - thanks for sharing. Michelle

  7. Wow, those images are dreamy!!! I am giving Emily's room a makeover at the moment, and plan on making some simple tote bags, with a clear plastic panel in the front so you can see what's in there. This is going to be perfect for Mr Potato Head... Tea sets... Blocks.. Plastic Fruit & Veg... Oh my! Maybe I better stop type and start sewing! Thanks for sharing! Naomi


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx