Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MUM RULES: New Print

Here is a brand new print called MUM RULES which I showed everyone on my facebook page last night and have now uploaded onto my shops this morning!

What do you think?  

A cute present for Mum and a cheeky reminder of who's boss ;) MUM RULES!

It measures 8 x 10" and as with all my prints I can change the background to your choice of colour if you'd like something other than red. 

You can find it here in my online store.
On etsy here
and madeit here

If you'd like one for mothers day I'm doing a print/post run today (orders in by 10am) and on Friday. And I have both express post and gift voucher options in my online store too.

Have a lovely day everyone,


  1. It is a cheeky one but very very true Janette!

  2. What a great way to re-possess my "kingdom". Have a great day!

  3. Love it! I wonder what my boys would think! Mimi xx

  4. Love it - perfect for Mother's Day!!! Meant to say yesterday I loved your little bloggy changes - looks great. Also my friend who bought a Paris print off you recently as a gift said to let you know her friend LOVED it :) Enjoy your day sweetie xx

  5. Stopping by from
    to say hi!

  6. Love it too, it's a great idea! :))

  7. Brilliant, far too true in most houses me thinks x

  8. Oooh I like it alot, my neighbor says this to our kids all of the time!!!


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