Thursday, October 7, 2010

Come for a drive with me...

Buckle up, we're off to the shops with a little bit of 'house snooping' on our way :)

I love driving the back streets to the shops and drooling over the gorgeous old houses.. so I thought I'd take some sneeky snaps on my iPhone and share my favourite houses with you.

Mmmmm... I love this house! I think that's the original house on the right then they've built an extention and several car garages on the left. I just love the shutters and the fence with the hedge and Agapanthas - lovely!

This house looks like something out of a story book to me and I can also imagine people back when it was a new house, probably in the 30's or something walking out the front door in their beautiful outfits getting into their Jaguar which would be in a British racing green... anyone else see that?

My dodgy photo does not do this house justice. It's actually a massive house and that beautiful sandstone fence wraps right around the block. I can imagin the family there back in the 20's playing crocket on the front lawn in their white lawn outfits looking very dapper.

This one isn't an old house but a new one which I think has been done beautifully with no expense spared. I love the Grey/blue colour, the windows, the iron-work on the fence and I think I spy a conservatory room above the garage!!! Drool!

Ah, here we are at the shops, lets grab a coffee :)

I hope you enjoyed my little drive-by and if you liked this post there is plenty more eye candy I can snap in future.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments re my kitchen makeover yesterday. I'm glad you liked and appreciated my DIY work.

Have a great day,


  1. I love this type of architecture too.

    My Grandmother lived in Artarmon and I used to love scooting around the streets peeking in behind some of the fences and daydreaming about the lives being lived.
    One of my favourite times was when the camellias were in full bloom and there would be bountiful bursts of beauty everywhere.

    Thank you for this post, it was really enjoyable.

    x Felicity

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  2. I love the top photo too. Reminds me of a French Country home - shame about the units next door though!

    Thanks for the tour. Loved it!
    Pam x

  3. i have a skinny latte thanks:)

    i love looking at houses i have a street near our place i drive through there all time and just picture myself living in that street,i must take some shots to show love the bottom one too,has so much character to it but i do also love the one with sandy yellow sandstone one..Thanks for the drive XXX

  4. The last one is my favourite. Love the grey and stark white.
    This was fun. Let's do it again sometime :o)

  5. Ooh, that was fun, Janette. Please do it again! Mmm, British racing green, one of my favourite colours. I love all of them, too. Hey, you might want to try tweaking your photos in Picnik - I find it really improves mine and is simple to use. Have a better day than yesterday! J x

  6. Love this post and would love to see more - I like doing the same, driving through streets to admire the lovely houses. I adore the shutters in the first home but I love the second one the most. Have a lovely day xx

  7. Love a little house snooping! Love to see more, I especially like houses no. 1 & 2. Thanks so much for your lovely comments today xx

  8. Great pics Janette. We regularly drool driving through the back streets of west lindfield and killara (when we are trying to avoid the highway traffic!). There are quite a few houses on the "one day" list

  9. I think the second one has a lot of charm, tucked away like that. Look at the space! Oh my goodness you've sent me into fantasy mode! Thanks for the drive! :-)

    Off to check out your kitchen makeover.

  10. Thank you for this great tour. You have given me an idea that I should do this as well for Amsterdam where I drool over houses too!


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx