Tuesday, January 18, 2011

BB Fest 2011

'BBs' (abbreviation of the words 'Baked Beans')

1927 Heinz Baked Beans ad via here

I'm not sure if you're aware but there is a festival happening at My Sweet Prints HQ at the moment. It's called BB Fest 2011.

Here is the participant of the BB Festival...

Yep, this little cherub has discovered BBs and for the last 2 and a half weeks has been requesting 'BeeBeeeees?' for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As I'm dishing them out into his bowl he lets out a little squeal and his face lights up.

If he can't shovel them in fast enough with a spoon then he just dives right in...

And to check that there are no BBs left in the bowl the bowl is then turned upside down onto the counter top and any remaining BBs are almost inhaled.

I'm wondering when BB fest will end...? At least they are nutritious and keep his little tummy regular :)

Have your kids had a food 'Fest' of some sort? How long did it last?

Have a great evening,


  1. That's so cute and what an adorable little doggie bowl. I gave Grace a taste of baked beans a while back but she didn't seem keen - will have to try them again...

  2. Well he could be requesting far worse! Though, you know what they say about baked beans ..... :)

  3. gosh, Fern wont TOUCH BB's!! It is driving me nuts this "i'll only eat one thing for months on end' thing though, for Fern its pretty much breakfast cereal, toast, fruit, yogurt, sushi and noodles. Repeat. And its been like this for literally months. grrrr. ps LOVE the bike print. Love it. You are a clever girl!

  4. Haha Janette, it doesn't end. I thought you were describing Mr Cornflake then!

    I love that ad, you could be onto something if you used it as the basis for a new print...

  5. This is so cute! You're right, Will could be asking for worse things. Jasper has a vegemite sandwich every day for the last 18 mths. Who knows how long it will go on. Finn ate fish and cous cous (random I know) for dinner for about 3 mths. Boys and their fads! Go with it, it's less stressful xx

  6. Oh, the horrors, Janette! I *loathe" BBs which unfortunately are *way* too familiar with me on Planet Baby. Pre-PB, I liked them but now despise them. Master Joshua is their biggest fan, Miss India only so-so. You're right - they are nutritious but after 4 years of serving them every week, I am *officially* over them! J x

  7. oh will is to to cute.......my little man didn't like baked beans unless i mushed it up....however he has decided to eat now that he is at childcare so i might have to try him with them again.....cute photos xx

    #hehehe your comment about glen needing a rollcage was a bit funny xx

  8. Lol, Janette! Will just gets cuter every minute!! I love BBs too as long as they are in ham sauce :D Love these gorgeous pics. Huge hugs to you and Will ~ Tina xx


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