Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sew La Tea Do - latest sewing projects

I thought I'd share a few of my latest sewing projects with you today.

First up, is a draw string bag I made to hold Will's wooden train set pieces (which usually end up everywhere).

I made the draw string bag from a spare tea towel and some left over ribbon from Christmas wrapping. This is the easiest sewing project you could ever do, so if you're wanting to start sewing why not give this a try!

First up lie the tea towel out flat with the 'good side showing.

Then fold one side over onto the other so the good sides are facing each other.
Then sew along the bottom and up the side, leaving about 1.5" un-sewn.

Then fold the top over and sew along to create the part to draw the string through.
Then choose your ribbon, attach a safety pin to the end of the ribbon and feed it through to create the draw string opening.

Cut and tie the ribbon and there you have it!

The next sewing project is a dress I made on Saturday.
When you think about it, this dress is just a bigger, more tailored version of the draw string bag. I didn't make it from a pattern, just sewed the basic form then took it in where needed.

Don't you love this red and white material! I got it on sale at Spotlight so the whole dress came to about $6!

And here it is on me yesterday. I ended up wearing it with a black belt which looked nice but when I'm having a 'fat' day I'll just wear it without a belt.

I got the next idea from watching 'The Circle' interview with crafty queen Pip Lincoln.
It's a project from her book Sew La Tea Do which I've just ordered online.

Speaking of ordering online, thank you so much to Jane from Life on Planet Baby for her recommendation. It is the best place to find out where to buy your books online. This is now the second book I've order after looking it up on Booko so THANK YOU JANE!

Anyway, here is the Sew La Tea Do inspired cushion I made....
Nice material isn't it!
Where did I get the material from you ask???
From one of Glen's old shirts!!!

And no, I didn't just help myself to his wardrobe, hehehehe. It was a shirt he'd decided to chuck out a few weeks ago but I asked him to put it in my material box as I love the material. So when I saw Pip's idea of making a cushion from a shirt I was like BINGO!

I'm thinking of putting a dark blue square trim around it to finish it off, what do you think?
It's SO simple to make, so watch the circle interview or buy Sew La Tea Do for instructions.

Sew yeah! hehehehe..... get sewing everyone, it's sew much fun and SEWWWWWWW rewarding!



  1. Thanks for sharing your little sewing projects! I'm itching to get my machine out and was only saying yesterday to my friend that we need to have a sewing morning. First up for me is a curtain for our ensuite, a cute dress for Grace and I'm toying with the idea of making Grace a tee-pee. Your creations are great - Will's bag is so practical for 'hiding away' pieces at the end of the day and you are so clever making yourself a dress...I don't know how slim Janette ever has a 'fat day' though :) I remember Pip showing that cushion idea on her interview - yours looks great, the buttons are such a clever idea without having to sew buttonholes :) I love Glen's shirt fabric but I say leave the trim off, as against your other cushions, it might be a bit too bold. Hope you have a lovely day xx

  2. So clever Janette! I wish I could sew! Love the cushion made from Glen's shirt xx

  3. Wow Janette some great inspiration here! I'm the new owner of a sewing machine and so (sew) excited to get some projects underway. That dress is a bargain, yet gorgeous! How lovely to be able to say you made it when someone comments?! Love Will's bag and the colours.

  4. What great projects! I love the bag you made for Will - that would also be great for storing my son's Lego collection and your dress is just gorgeous! Very pretty and summery! The cushion is a fantastic idea. My hubby regularly finds shirts to donate to the Salvo's, I'll make sure next time he does I keep the ones I love!

    Thanks for sharing! :)


  5. Oh, Janette - they're all fabulous. Good for you. That bag is so practical and what a simple design. Even non-sewer me thinks I could pull it off ☺.

    And as for the dress, it's stunning. I agree with Amanda, though - I can't imagine your having a 'fat' day!

    And what a fabulous use of Glen's old shirt. I love the way you can just 'see' something in its new form before you make. Yep, that colour trim would be perfect.

    Thanks for the mention - I'm so delighted you're enjoying using Booko. Pip's book is actually saved on my Booko 'list', waiting for me to buy it! J x

  6. I get really jealous when I see ladies creating fantastic projects like you. The drawsting bags I love as they are really handy for storing kids' stuff. (You may want to pop over my blog for my latest giveaway).

  7. Love, love, love all of your gorgeous projects Janette! The dress is stunning on you! Hmm, I might have to get some tips for making a couple of dresses for Miss Lottie! ~ Tina xx

  8. Yes, i am one of those people so afraid of sewing ...I am sure I could attempt the drawstring bag - if i had a sewing machine !
    The dress is gorgeous :)

  9. I wish I had the talent to sew... It just doesn't happen. You are very clever! ;-)

  10. clever clever clever......i do love the shirt as a cushion, i love them done in old knitted cardigans/jumpers also....and the tea towel bag {brilliant} i'm so not a sewer {well a good one} but i do make most of my clothes, and like you don't use patterns {don't know how} hahahaha
    hope your having a fab day and i really like your grandad's quote big smooch my friend lisa xx

  11. You are too creative! It's not fair. I love the dress. You look adorable.


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx