Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Print - Bike Love & our weekend.

Morning, I hope you had a great weekend.

We certainly did, we went to the local pools on Saturday and I can't tell you how much I love watching Will swim! He is so good! Glen has been teaching him to swim himself and doing drills and things and basically you can just throw him in with his little floaty backpack on and he'll be off with his little legs kicking behind him in a sort of splashy/treading water fashion and always has a huge smile on his face!

Then at night we dropped Will to Mum and Dad's and went to the movies with Gold Class tickets we were given for Glen's birthday and saw 'The King's Speech'. I absolutely loved it! It's now one of my all time fav movies and so it was very nice to watch it in the comfort of our Gold Class seats all reclined and feeling very special.

Yesterday Morning we went to church, first time back for 2011 and it was nice to see all our friends (all the kids have shot up in just 3 weeks!). Myself and a few others were moved to tears during the prayers when 'My Country' by Dorothea MacKellar was recited during the prayers for the flood victims.

And then in the afternoon we had a BBQ at our friends house who live up the road it was a lovely relaxed evening and the kids played beautifully.

Anyway... on Saturday I designed a new print called 'Bike Love'.

It's the perfect wedding, valentines, anniversary or 'just because' gift! This very sweet 8 x 10 inch print features a tandem bike and the words 'You and me, travelling down life's road together...'.

You can customise the print with names and wedding/anniversary date, or if you'd prefer it with just the bike and text that's fine too - just let me know!

This vintage inspired print comes in light blue, beige or light print but I happily accept custom orders so that you can match this print to your home or favourite room.

Light Pink

Light Blue


And here is a close up.

It's up on all my shops now.

How was your weekend? What did you get up to?

Have a great day,


  1. Sounds like a beautiful weekend Janette! We certainly had the weather to be by the pool. How muggy was it?! I wanted to see the Kings Speech too, oh how I miss the days when we could just pop out to a movie. Your bike print is so gorgeous! I bet it will be very popular xx

  2. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I've heard that movie is excellent and I bet Gold Class is nice - I haven't tried it out yet.
    Your new print is lovely. I actually created my first ever Etsy Treasury today and one of your prints is in there! Here's the link..

  3. Love the new print, and hope you've had a good weekend!

  4. Love the new print Janette, very cute! ;-)

  5. Janette, I love it and it's sweet and romantic without being too obvious. Perfect timing too with valentines day around the corner! :-) Glad to hear you had a lovely weekend, I think we all needed a good time after the sad news last week. xx

  6. Hi Janette - sounds like a great weekend. We had a lovely weekend too - splashing down at Balmoral and then in the backyard shells! OK - Ollie was splashing and i was just getting wet!
    Love the new bike print - i don't know how you have the time!
    Looking forward to our play date.

  7. That sounds like a lovely weekend! We saw The Kings Speech in Gold Class last night too, how funny! It is a remarkable film. Remarkable casting, acting, directing, script. And it's a true story which makes it even lovelier. Your new print is beautiful, very romantic. Thank you so much for your very sweet comment today.. Rachaelxx

  8. Love the new print Janette - such a cute design.

    Your weekend sounds lovely - I can picture Will scooting around in the water :) I need to get a floatie backpack for Grace. The rest of your weekend sounded perfect - your Gold Class movie night would have been fun and your afternoon BBQ too. I can imagine how touching that poem would have been at church yesterday.

    Enjoy your start to the week xx

  9. Matt and I are actually having a date night tonight and going to see The Kings Speach...can't wait. It has been about 2 years since we went to the movies....

  10. Hi Janette, your new print is so cute and your weekend sounds lovely. I would like to get to the movies this week as Nicholas is visiting his father for the week but I'm not sure what we will go and see. xx

  11. What a fab weekend you had, Janette. That's just brilliant, Will being so comfortable in the water like that. We have to start swimming lessons with Joshie soon.

    So pleased to hear good things about that film - we were given Gold Class tickets for Christmas so that's what we can use them for!

    The print is adorable. I just love watching your creativity bubbling away. J x

  12. Sounds like a lovely weekend, we have done a bit of swimming & bbq ing with friends aswell, dont you just love summer.
    I love your new print, very romantic!!!

  13. Received the bike print in the mail yesterday. Gorgeous. Thank you for mailing it so fast.


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx