Monday, December 20, 2010

Sending some love

Thinking and praying for Jane of My Pear Tree House today...

And as Martha of Jelly Shane has instigated, when you look up at the moon tonight, send a little thought and prayer Jane's way.

I thought this image via here was a perfect symbol of the love and sisterhood out there in blogland. I hope you're feeling all the love and support out there for you Jane, you will get through this!!!



  1. Jane's been on my mind too - on Friday night, we were entertaining outdoors and Grace kept saying 'moon, moon' - as soon as I looked up, it made me think of Jane and the battle ahead of her x

  2. Wonderful picture Janette and very appropriate for the current feelings going around blogland for Jane.
    Merry Xmas

  3. Beautiful...just beautiful sweetie. You are such a gorgeous soul. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jane and her family. All the Rubie girls are waiting for the moon to appear. Hugs to you lovely lady ~ Txx

  4. A heart-warming post, Janette. I'm waiting for the clouds to part in Hobart tonight. You might like to add this post to Martha's linky at Jelly Shane so Jane can find it easily. J x

  5. I love that pic J, Merry Christmas for this week if I don't get to chat before hand. K

  6. Hi Janette, thanks for this post. Blogland is such a world of support and care. Hope you have the best Christmas. Love Emma.xx


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