Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Decorating - Part 1

I haven't quite finished all of my Christmas decorating but as everyone seems to be sharing their beautifully decorated homes I thought I'd show you mine in parts.

The first area is my entrance way mirror which I have decorated with a Polli garland in blue.

My lovely friend Anna (who is my neighbour down the road and you might remember she found the fantastic cane chair for me)? Well last weekend she was up in the Mountains and when shopping, saw the Polli garland set. I had almost bought the set for myself online last week but I resisted the temptation.

Anyway, Anna wanted the red and yellow ones but not the blue but she knew I'd love the blue so she bought them to share with me!!!! Isn't that sweet!

Sorry not a great photo, bit dark...

Here are the red ones

My blue ones...

And the yellow ones!

Aren't they gorgeous! You can buy them here.

The kit contains 30 decorations with 6 meters of red twine to either make a garland, hanging decorations or gift tags.
Printed in Australia on 100% recycled card. Deco size 85mmx90mm.

So there you have my part 1 of my christmas decorating... I'll show you my 'tree' next :)

On another note, we had a lovely afternoon at Will's little school end of year concert.
And in typical William form... as most of the kids were sitting down doing their song and dance with actions, my son was standing up, dancing around, waving his little arms in the air being very funny then after the first song, retired to the sandpit :) I love my funny bubba!

Have a great Friday afternoon!


  1. Hahaha..Funny little Will...I love how there are moments when their unique personality really shines.
    Love the all the colours..hope you have a great weekend lovely lady x

  2. Those garlands are absolutely stunning! Love them hanging on your mirror :)

  3. I love those garlands, so tempting!

  4. Ah, pure prettiness, Janette! That shade of blue is heavenly. Have a fab weekend, Lovely. J x

  5. Just love that blue garland - so very suitable for a sunny Aussie Christmas - presumably the rain will pause for Christmas?!

  6. I fell in love with the Polli garlands when I first saw the red one - didn't realise there was a blue too (which is very you by the way). It looks great hanging across your mirror. Our Christmas decorating is coming along very slowly. Glad Will had fun at his concert :)

  7. I love your blue garland Janette, so beautiful! Also loved little Will's fancy dance moves, he is the cutest!! ~ Txx

  8. Love the garland and Will's moves, Jack did a similar thing at his concert!!

  9. Luv the garlands so pretty..very tempting indeed!! Will is such a character cute, moments like this is what you treasure:) happy weekend sweetie xx

  10. you know what colour i'd go for......yup the yellow, and the blue are perfect for you, very cool xx

  11. Thanks for the post on our decos - they look beautiful in your home & Will sounds gorgeous! x


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