Friday, November 5, 2010

Thank you!

This morning I just wanted to catch up on a few 'Thank you's.

Firstly thanks to the lovely Simone from Honey and Fizz for asking me to take part in her 12 Questions post which she posted on yesterday. It was really fun so thanks Simone! Drop on over to Simone's blog if you haven't before... she has great taste and style and I always love reading her posts.

Next I want to thank Jane from Life on Planet Baby who has blogged about her My Sweet Prints purchases before but she is also my official 'Media Monitor' and always lets me know when she spots a My Sweet Prints feature out there in bloggy world. Thanks so much Jane!!!
If you haven't read 'Life on Planet Baby' before then please go take a look... Jane writes so openly and honestly about her life with three little children, her past, present and future and she has such a fantastic writing style. I've told her once and I'll tell her again I think she should write a book!

Anyway Jane found the next 'thank you', she emailed me to let me know that my Bedtime Bus Roll Poster had been featured on the influential design blog 'Swiss Miss' and wow what a great blog. I was thrilled to be featured so thank you Swiss Miss!

Next is Sharyne from The View from my Valley. Sharyne purchased one of my Wedding Prints for two of her friends who got married last weekend. Take a look at the post and her blog as she wrote the sweetest blog post all about receiving mail and her little Nth QLD town and here is the print... Sharyne tells me that both Roland and Rita cried when they received it, makes me SO happy!!! So thanks Sharyne.

Next is also a customer, Michelle from Ireland who purchased a Bedtime Bus Roll Poster last week and kindly blogged about it on her blog Molly Moo.
Her blog has great stuff for kids so 'ahhh to be sure, to be sure' to check it out! (hehehe, sorry Michelle, had to do an Irish joke).

And last but not least is YOU! Thank you for reading my little blog and I'm so sorry I've not been as good a blog friend lately as I would like to be. But My Sweet Prints has been very busy lately and so getting the time to comment on everyone's blogs has been hard. Please know that even if I'm not commenting I am reading. (Usually on my iPhone as I'm waiting in a supermarket check out or sitting at the park while Will plays etc). So thank you and please bear with me (is it bear or bare?) I think life is going to be pretty busy till Christmas so I hope to get back to normality in the new year.

Lots of hugs to everyone,


  1. Aren't you adorable!! I follow most of those blogs & yes, your 12 questions was a great read indeedy!! So nice that you took a blog post to thank everyone, i only just found you but loving this blog already. Love Posie

  2. Thanks Janette! Im always catching up on blogs on my phone too :) I think the hectic time of year has started xx

  3. Phew, no wonder you've had little time for blog surfing - you've been a very busy girl! So great to see your business going from strength to strength sweet, you thoroughly deserve it! K xx

  4. i know what you mean..very busy time,congrats on all your features i see your prints everywhere now and i love that i have one to share and tell people about your amazing work.

    p.s pop over to my blog when you get a chance i'm having a giveaway to celebrate my milestone, you might like to join in..have a lovely weekend gorgeous girl and don't work to hard!! xx

  5. Oh, Sweetheart! Thanks for your bloggy mention. Blush. I'm just so pleased you're getting all this media and bloggy attention as it's so well deserved. It shows your work has international status, not just Australian. I am so happy for you. I am happy to serve as your Official Media Monitor (or OMM)! J x PS It's 'bear'.

  6. What a popular girl you are! All very deserved praise :)

  7. Oh, and does that screenshot really show how my blog appears? That blue background is only meant to be a border and the posts should have an off-white colour. At least they do on my computer. Say it isn't so! J x

  8. YOu are the sweetest! I just discovered life on planet baby and love it! Hadn't heard of swiss miss but will be following that one now too. Enjoy your weekend with the boys and thank you for your blogs!

  9. Congratulations Janette, its fabulous to see you getting recognized for your talent, all of that hard work has paid off!

  10. Oh Janette. You are SO very welcome! You absolutely deserve every little bit of recognition for all your amazing creations. (You are also one of the sweetest people I have met in blogland.) I feel so priveleged to have received a mention on your beautiful little blog. I am spreading the "My Sweet Prints" word here in FNQ so hopefully it will result in lots and lots of orders. Have a wonderful weekend. ;)Sharyne

  11. Such a busy time of year leading up to Christmas and especially with your little business doing so well. How wonderful to have been featured on so many great blogs like Swiss Miss - I'll have to check out some of the other blogs you've mentioned when I get a spare moment. I really enjoyed Simone's post with your little interview :)


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx