Saturday, November 6, 2010

2 kids rooms - via a happy customer

Do you want to see two gorgeous children's rooms....?

Well a very lovely customer Yvette was kind enough to send me pics of the bedrooms of her son Archer (who is the same age as Will) and her eight year old daughter Olivia. I think they are both just gorgeous!

Take a look...
There is the Morning Bus Roll Poster sitting on top of the tall boy in Archer's room. I love the wooden 'Archer' next to it.

Don't all the shades of blue come together so nicely?!?

And here is daughter Olivia's bedroom with black, white and pink shades.

There is Olivia's Customised Eye Chart above her bed.
I love the pinks and red in her pillows and blanket.

I would have died for a dolls house like that when I was a girl!

Don't you love the black, white and pink - a great colour scheme for a girl in her 'tweens'.
I like the feature of the pink line on the ceiling above the architraves and Yvette made the tissue paper pom poms to hang from Olivia's ceiling.

Thank you Yvette for sharing these beautiful bedrooms with us, your kids must be very thrilled with your fantastic decorating skills!

Wishing you all a happy weekend,


  1. Janette, they look so lovely. It must be so nice to see your work adorn someone elses home.
    I have just done a tween post myself.
    Have a nice weekend.

  2. How great to see your work in situ looks fabulous. And I have a black, white and pink bedroom too...not just for tweens! Or maybe I've just never grown up :) Have a great weekend.

  3. What beautiful bedrooms - I love the colour palette in Archer's room and I've always like red, white and pink together for a girl's room. How nice to see your prints so nicely placed :)

  4. How nice, as i've just done the bedrooms for my 4 (almost there, waiting on some final touches) it's so great to see how other people decorate children's bedrooms. My youngest is 7 so we're in that between tween stage, it's fun!! Wish my room was so cool, love Posie

  5. The bedrooms look gorgeous, especially with your artwork! ;-)

  6. Wow! They are both lovely rooms! I'm seeing lots of sleepovers by friends in the future! Enjoy a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  7. Gorgeous rooms enhanced by your lovely work Janette!

  8. Thank you Janette and thank you everyone for your lovely sweet comments about my kids rooms, I'm chuffed. Yvette


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