Monday, November 8, 2010

I've found my new home!!!!

Here it is, what do you think?

Dinner inside or out?

Lets get some peace and quiet away from the kids.

Would you like a cup of tea from my beautiful kitchen?

Why don't we sip our tea out the front and watch the grass grow.

It looks beautiful night....
Or day...
Ok keep dreaming Janette!!!! Even though this house is within walking distance to us I think I'd need to sell a LOT more prints to buy it.

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It reminds me a lot of the house that A-M built, don't you think? If you haven't already, please pop over and send your love her way. Lots of love and prayers to you my dear bloggy friend. xoxoxox

Have a great Monday everyone,


  1. It's lovely - I'd enjoy a cuppa or glass of white wine on the verandah.
    Get selling those prints!!

  2. Looks perfect Janette. I'm with Sarah, get selling! ;-)

  3. It's so dreamy it!!!
    p.s so sad about AM sending lots of LOVE down her way xx

  4. It is gorgeous. I'm popping over to buy a couple of prints this morning - for a friends new baby. That might buy you the teacup to enjoy watching that grass. I'm generous like that! :) xx

  5. WOW what a stunning home, where abouts is it ?

  6. Wow, wow, wow!!! It's stunning! I love the way the verandahs wrap around the house, something I'd love in a house so I could relax out there with a cuppa. The way the dining area opens onto the backyard is wonderful and the backyard itself is to die for! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous home. I hope A-M is drawing strength from all the prayers, thoughts and positive energy being sent her way too. Have a wonderful start to your week xx

  7. I think we need to all go on a major marketing campaign for you, cause ya just gotta have it!!
    What a beautiful home!!

  8. Ooh, Janette! We have similar tastes. I'm a verandah fan from way back as well. Yes, sending more loving thoughts to Brisbane. J x

  9. oh so in love with the photos.......hope your having a fab monday xx

  10. tee hee... why not make an offer? Like say a swapsy for your existing house, a buncha prints and $100K... or so???

  11. I love that wrap around verandah. There's nothing wrong with a bit of dreaming!

  12. Yes nothing wrong with dreaming. I keep thinking of A-M throughout the day. I hope she is ok.

  13. I have read somewhere that if you keep visualising something over and over again - then you can MAKE it happen! Doesn't that sound wonderful? Keep dreaming of your beautiful home Janette - who knows what could happen? ;)Sharyne

  14. I think I may have to steal this new home from you! Gorgeous!

  15. Haha Janette, this is what I say everytime I go for a little walk around the harbour/beaches, in fact anywhere in Sydney! So hard to choose though, do you go for inner harbour location, beach location, park location, shop location. Mmm ;-)

  16. Hi Janette,

    I used to love when we lived in Sydney! Oh, the houses you could buy!
    Have a great week.



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