Friday, October 8, 2010

Things I heart this week

Here are a few things I'm loving this week...

1. The beautiful decor at some of Manly's gorgeous restaurants and bars.
Here are two examples:

China Beach

The Shore Club

2. That I bought this indexed chopping board set the other day for $12.95 and saw it yesterday for....
Yep, that's right you read correctly $99.95 - now THAT's a markup!

3. My funny, clever, tiring, demanding, entertaining, beautiful bub...

Here is Will at one of the many kids playgrounds we have been frequenting of late.

This is the toddler counting app on my iPhone which he has now learnt to play and says 'Unn, Doo...' for 1, 2 - SO CUTE!

His Baby Sign language is coming along really well and he's using it to communicate all the time. Here is the website if you're interested...

4. I'm loving that my blog friend Kerri of Driftwood Interiors is a finalist in a before and after challenge competition!!! With her fantastic Inlay Mirror below, click here to vote.

5. New mag, 'the Outdoor Room'. Its a Jamie Durie mag and it has been put together beautifully. Heaps of gorgeous inspiration for your garden. Check it out when you're next at the newsagency.

What are you loving this week? I'd love to know...

Have a great Friday,


  1. Oh Janette, aren't you the sweetest thing? Thanks for the shout out hun, I really appreciate your support and bloggy friendship. And how about your little Will learning sign language - baby genius for sure! Enjoy your weekend sweet, and thanks again. K xx

  2. What a fab roundup, Janette! Will looks so happy playing there. The two things which have made my week have been discovering the new Adore e-magazine( and a beautiful English company, Graham and Green ( I could spend hours looking at them. I have been giving my 'We ♥ it' page a good workout with the latter! Have a delightful weekend with your boys. J x

  3. Some great things from your week - what a score with those chopping boards! Have seen those before and thought they looked cool. The interior of both of those bars looks amazing and I love the picture of Will in the red car :) I will have to check out that new magazine at the shops today - would be good to get some inspiration for the outdoor side of things. I'm off to vote for Kerri's mirror now - I was gob smacked when she posted about it and have been thinking ever since about how I'd love to try it myself one day as it looked SO effective!! Have a wonderful weekend my lovely!! xx

  4. Well I am loving those things too.
    Indexed boards for $12.95 bargain! Where did you find them?
    That's a very cute and cheeky face sitting in the big red car!
    I have already voted for the very clever and talented Kerri, fingers crossed!

  5. That's a lovely collection of loves, lovey!! I'm loving that things are back on track in my neck of the woods...phew!

  6. i love all your lovelies today..little Will looks like his having a great time on that car.i have already voted for the talented Miss Kerri .Have a great weekend sweetie XX

  7. Such lovely things indeed!! What a saving on your chopping board!!! Love the pic of Will, he is looking so grown up! I have to agree it is FABULOUS that Kerri has made the final, and have voted already:) Hope you have had a good week and wishing you a wonderful weekend ~ Txx

  8. Hey Janette, sounds like you have had an all round good week. Love all the things that you are liking...Will is such a cutie!!theose restaurants look like heaven!!, cheers Katherine

  9. Will looks so cute.. he looks so much like glen in that shot

  10. illy hearts you this week Janette! illy the cuddly xo


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