Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanks Ohdeedoh!

Wow! Thanks so much Ohdeedoh for featuring my Counting in French print in your 'Five (Cinq) French Prints' post today!

What a lovely suprise! So exciting!!!

And remember, if you'd like this print made in another language simply give me the details and I'll make it up for you.

Have a lovely evening,


  1. Congratulations Janette, your fabulous work is popping up every where. Thats awesome!!

  2. That is so cute Janette , I love it. What a fantastic idea. You deserve to be featured you are very talented.

  3. It's so pretty, Janette. I may get you to do one in German at some point. J x

  4. Well done sweet, that's such fabulous news! First Will is to sign, you're making fabulous art in different there nothing you talented bunch can't do? Seriously, no wonder you've been featured, your work is gorgeous. K xx

  5. Sorry, a bit overtired tonight - i really can spell you know!

  6. Congratulations lovely!! I am so pleased to see you are getting such well deserved recognition!! It is a gorgeous print by a super talented lady:) Hugs ~ Txx


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx