Thursday, September 9, 2010

The colour of spring 2010...?

I'm thinking that Lilac is the colour for this beautiful new spring season, what do you think?

I've been seeing Lilac everywhere and I'm very drawn to it... I've also noticed a few bloggers blogging about it in the last few days eg. Anna Spiro and my lovely friend Sarah at Palatial Living.

And I noticed something in the newsagency yesterday....

Do you love it??? I do and it is triggering some creative juices, I wonder what my crazy brain is coming up with?

Here are some beautiful Lilac interiors to help inspire you.

First Image via here, Mag covers via here, Interior images via here.

Speaking of spring, I am loving the smell of jasmine each evening in my backyard it is soooo lovely. What is your favourite spring flower, colour, feeling?

Have a lovely day,


  1. Such a pretty spring colour! I love that first cute picture - wish I looked like that when I was gardening!! :) Our jasmine hasn't come out yet but when it does, our bush is covered in tiny white flowers. Have a lovely day x

  2. Peonies have a lovely scent too. Tuberose as well!

  3. I know, Lilac is huge (i did a nursery board only last week too)! Not a colour I love, but pretty.
    Oh I love spring.....just wish I didn't have terrible hayfever every year to enjoy it a bit more.

  4. I'm loving lilac too, it's such a pretty colour. Love the smell of jasmine, ours hasn't come out yet. xx

  5. Lovely Lilac, thanks for the inspiration.
    Donna xx

  6. It is a lovely colour isn't soothing. Although I probably go more for the purple! I'm very jealous that your jasmine is out. Mine doesn't even look like its thinking about it. And I still have a rhododendron that hasn't even bloomed...maybe next week! Have a terrific day Janette :)

  7. Haha, I can't believe Cosmo still has sealed sections, lol!

    Love lilacs, so hard to come by though if they don't grow locally.

    Oh interior design scheming heyhey. Don't forget to show us!

  8. I love the lavender purple colour:) Gorgeous images as always Janette. My favourite Spring flowers are Daphne and Freesias! Hope you have had a wonderful Thursday. Hugs ~ Txx

  9. I'm loving lilac right now, especially since my wisteria burst into flower yesterday. It's one of my favourite flowers, and the smell is heavenly. I do love jasmine too though - reminds me of my childhood home in Sydney, where our side fence was smothered every spring. And since it was a balmy 25 degrees here in Brissie today, it definitely feels like spring is in the air - love it! K xx

  10. The first pic is so the word lilac....rolls off the tongue, hope you are having a lovely week, cheers katherine

  11. Ive noticed that too! I never really liked lilac that much, but ive seen some gorgeous interiors of late including a really sweet girls nursery Ive filed away in case I am ever crazy enough to think that more children are a good idea. and although I am normally not drawn to black, for some reason I really like that bathroom image you've posted!! Have a lovely weekend, lets hope for sunshine!! xo

  12. I've been buying huge bunches of beautiful jasmine at the market for the last few weeks. I just love it and have vases trailing everywhere. You also can't beat a freesia. And while lilac isn't my favourite colour, I love it mixed with charcoal and chartreuse. xx


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