Friday, September 24, 2010

30th Birthday Party Pics

Here are the pics of my birthday party! It was the best party EVER and the photos don't even go half way to show the fun and atmosphere of the night but you'll get the drift I think.

I used black and white with hints of silver as the colour theme. You might remember I was going to do B&W and turquoise but I couldn't find any turquoise things that I liked so I just stuck with B&W. The kebab sticks in the glass were for the chocolate fountain.

I had a DIY cocktail bar set up at one end of the deck and a dessert table at the other. Above is a pic of the Cocktail Menu I made and my Mum laminated. It was really fun as everyone could make their own cocktails and there were different juices in clear jugs.

I bought one of those white metal trays from Spotlight to hold all the alcohol which kept the 'bar' nice and tidy.

Here is the party dress I wore which I bought for the occasion, I was really happy with it. You know when you feel comfortable in something but you still feel 'special'? hehehe.

Here is the dessert table with the chocolate fountain.... ahhhhhhh.... my mouth is watering. We had strawberries, bananas and marsh mellows that people could skewer and dip, it was a big hit!

Another view of the dessert table. I put licorice Allsorts in cocktail glasses. And I used the black and white stripped cupcake cases as tea light holders. They looked so pretty glowing away. I bought the cupcake cases from Suzanna of Mon Tresor you may already read Suzanna's blog, but her shop is fantastic!

Here I am just before the party started, I think I'm about to put the wrap on (I look like I'm being a bull tamer or something) standing in front of the dessert table. I used black and white damask wrapping paper as a table runner and also used it as 'wallpaper' behind the table.

Hanging from the roof of the deck I had about 18 white paper lanterns with little tea lights inside which gave off a beautiful subtle glow. I also had black sheer fabric draped across the roof between the lanterns.

My sister in law made my birthday cake which was my favourite Black Forest and was YUUUUUMMMMO!

Here I am with my girls...

And that's my Sister in law on the left and my friend Tania who travelled down from Forster for my party.

And here is my Dad and Glen trying to get the fire grate thingy we hired started. It was great for keeping people warm on the pavers and we also had our gas heater on the deck so I didn't even need my wrap for most of the night.

I have a really nice photo of me and my Mum which I WISH I could share with you because I have the prettiest Mum in the world but she would kill me if I posted it :(

And thank you all for your tips and tricks when I was preparing for the party... I hired a pie warmer like (I think it was Simone) suggested which was soooo good for keeping the food warm and we had those lantern stick things in the front and back garden with citronella in them which looked cool as well as serving a purpose.

So it was such a fantastic night, I wish you could have all been there.

It's been nice writing this post this afternoon as it has cheered me up... as I've got some very sad news - my Granny passed away yesterday :'(

I wont really write anything more because otherwise I'll cry but it's been a sad two days.

I hope you all have a great weekend,


  1. Your party looks beautiful! I am glad you had a great day! Sorry to hear about your grandma, you and your family will be in my prayers.

  2. Ooh, Janette! Thanks so much for sharing - it looks like you had a blast. So stylishly done, too, but I wouldn't expect anything else from you! Oh, and so sorry to hear about your Granny. Sending you hugs from Hobart ♥ ♥ ♥ J x

  3. Aww Janette, so sorry to hear about your Gran. They're special people. But very glad that you can manage to get a kick out of posting your birthday pics. And tell your mum we want to see her photo!

  4. Oh, so sorry to hear about your Granny. I was very close to mine so I understand your loss. But I agree with Kerry - glad your post made you feel a bit better. Your party looked amazing and I think you did a wonderful job. Sending you lots of big hugs. K xx

  5. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry to hear that your Gran has passed away. I wish I could be there to give you a hug in person, but I am sending you ALL my love. Beautiful photos of your party, thank you so much for sharing. Take care special lady ~ Txx

  6. Sorry to hear about your Gran ... Your party looked like a lot of fun and so many lovely little details. Take care over the weekend.

  7. Oh Janette , I'm so sorry to hear about your granny passing away. How very sad. On a lighter note your party looked perfect! So happy everything went so well. You looked stunning too, what a gorgeous dress xx

  8. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about your Gran. I lost mine when I was 16. I had so much more to share with her... 28 years ago now and I still need to cry for her. I am thinking of you. You looked beautiful on your special night, by the way.. so young and happy! A-M xx

  9. wow - your party looks fab! I love the black and white theme and all the decorations you used to make is so pretty and special!

  10. Janette, thank you so much for sharing your birthday photos with us. Everything looked fabulous and you looked gorgeous.

    So so sorry to hear of your Gran. Thinking of you. Take care xxx


  11. Oh Janette, I'm so sorry to hear about your Nan. I lost my last nan when I was 18 so it has been a while. I still wish I could sit down with her over a cuppa.
    ps you looked so pretty at your party.

  12. So very sorry to hear about your Gran, tough days indeed.

    What a wonderful party to look back on. Your Gran must have been very proud of her accomplished, stylish and gorgeous granddaughter. A x

  13. Janette, you looked stunning and your party was beautiful. Every detail was perfect.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Granny. You are in my thoughts today.

  14. Beautiful party, very sad news.. I still think about my grandmother all these years later, I did a post on her just this week!! Stay strong xoxo

  15. oh so sorry to hear about your sad for you and your family..

    Your party looked wonderful..the b&w theme looked super cool and very bummed we didnt make it.. have to catch soon..

  16. Your birthday party looked amazing Janette!! Wish I could have helped you celebrate :) I love the candles in the cupcake case idea and your DIY cocktail bar. The black and white all looked so stylish and well coordinated and the draped fabric and lanterns must have looked so effective. I bet you had heaps of comments on how wonderful it all looked.

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers at this sad time - I was so sorry to hear about your Gran xx

  17. Janette sweetie i'm so so sorry about your gran...i know its so sad and hard to deal with,sending you a big hug from me i wish i could be there to give you a HUG myself:(
    your party photos looks amazing glad you had fun and thanks for sharing..your dress is stunning and that CHOCOLATE FONDUE....YUMMO!!!

  18. Sorry to hear about your Gran. Big hugs from us.

    The party look fantastic! You have too much energy!

  19. lovely pictures. i wish i was at your birthday! so sad to hear about your granny. they are such precious people xx

  20. Sounds like a great night Janette!! The black and white looks gorgeous and very stylish. Love your dress. You came up with some beautiful ideas for decorating.
    Hugs to you, sorry to hear about your gran.
    Rebecca xo

  21. Looks like you had a wonderful party Janette! Happy belated Birthday! Love the black and white theme - the lanterns looked amazing and so did that chocolate fountain.
    So sorry to hear about your Gran. Thinking of you. Michelle

  22. Yayee!!! So, it all came together beautifully in the end... and it must be said, I am pigging out on licorice allsorts as I write this comment, hubby and I are dreadfully addicted so I was magnetised to your little jars of them, I would have eaten every one!! Gorgeous dress BTW!!
    So sorry to hear about your nan...

  23. Oh my goodness I just realised my jaw was completely open by the time I go to the bottom of your post, lol!

    Looks like you had a fabulous time Janette. I love the classic colour theme you choose, very tasteful and your cocktail menu design is awesome and the lanterns look magical! So impressed, now can you come around and decorate for my birthday!? ;-)

  24. you looked amazing and i love all your decorations well done......
    i hope you and your family are holding up ok....thinking of you j
    lisa xox

  25. Happy birthday! Your party looks amazing, what a fantastic way to celebrate 30. I love the licorice allsorts and a chocolate fountain - wow! You look stunning, really beautiful.

    I am really sorry to hear about your Granny, Janette.


  26. Oh Janette, I've been wondering where you've been and have I missed something? And oh, I totally missed your last comment on this post.

    So sorry to hear about your Granny that is just so terribly sad. It's so devastating when you lose someone close and shared so much history with.

    I miss my grandparents so badly, especially my Dad's dad who was (still is really) the biggest character ever and really shaped me. xx

  27. Janette, firstly I want to say Im so sorry to hear about your Nan...I know this time right now is hard for you and you may be walking around with a little less spring in your step..but I promise you it does get easier. They say that the best tribute you can pay someone who has passed to put your life..ahead of their death. So live happily sweetheart and celebrate the fact that you had a beautiful Nan..who was obviously such a strong presence in your life. xxxx
    Im so glad that your birthday party turned out to be a huge look gorgeous..the arrangements look amazing...looks like the night was absolutely perfect. Sending bigs hugs your way xo

  28. Hope you had a wonderful time. The chocolate fountain looks amazing!

  29. Great idea to put the Licorice Allsorts in a wine glass. Will have to tell my customers about that.


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