Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our Zoo Trip

We had a fantastic time at Taronga Zoo yesterday with Mothers Group, as you can see the weather was great, not too hot or cold . Look at that view will you??!?! I think the Giraffes have the best real estate in Sydney.

As I sort of expected, Will wasn't that into the animals... he more enjoyed exploring, touching feeling and I think his favourite area was the vegie garden...

That lady in the pic above was talking to me and Will and I told her that Will felt quite at home in the Vegie Garden as he helps his Daddy out in our Vegie Garden at home. Well she was very impressed and said 'What a very special little boy!' - I had to agree of course! :)

Here is Will saying 'Hi' to Mr Scarecrow.

We spent quite a bit of time at the baby animal farm part of the Zoo, nice and toddler friendly and the bubs could run around to their hearts content.

Here is Lucas and Will checking out the sheep with their matching teddy backpacks on (I think this is my fav pic).

We got some really cute shots of the bubs all sitting in a row and I would LOVE to show you as it is just the cutest thing ever but I didn't ask the Mum's permission to post them so I better not include it.

We also saw the elephants, gorillas, kangaroos, emus, monkeys, wombats but I didn't share the photos of them as you've all seen those animals before I'm sure :)

It was a pretty cool feeling to be taking Will to the Zoo for the first time, the same Zoo that I went to as a girl and my Mum went to as a girl (where back in my Mum's day, she went on an elephant ride, not very PC anymore!).

Do you have any special Zoo memories?

Wishing you a wonderful day,


  1. Mum often tells me about her elephant rides as a child! I am glad Will enjoyed his first trip to the Zoo. We have the Zoo pass (Melbourne) and it is the BEST money we have ever spent! Not quite the view Sydney has though!

  2. Love the backpack picture as well. Love going to the zoo.

  3. awww love the backpack cute ,glad you had a great time..the Zoo rocks at our house too :) xx

  4. Will looks like a real little boy in that second shot, so grown up :) I love the back-pack shot too - adorable!!! So glad you had a lovely day at the zoo, even if the animals weren't the highlight for Will. It sounds like he had a fantastic time with all his little friends. I still remember going on a family trip to the zoo as a little girl too :)

  5. I LOVE that pic with the backpacks. I need one of them - my two year old is getting too fast to catch... Best zoo in the world - well, the best zoo view in the world anyway. Always made me just love Sydney when I went. If only they'd get rid of the snake bit... I'm such A pansy!

  6. What a lovely memory that will be for Will, Janette. We also found it hard to get the pixies to concentrate at the zoo at that age. Did you go on the chairlift? That was a big hit on PB. Getting one of those season passes is good value if you're going to go often - the prices are extortionate, aren't they? J x

  7. Gorgeous pics Janette! I love Taronga Zoo, we took our kids there when they where about Will's age and they had a ball. On one visit as a kid, a gorilla threw poo at my Nan - still laugh just thinking about it! Looks like you had a great time. K xx

  8. Your pics are gorgeous Janette! I am so happy to hear you had such a wonderful day at the zoo with Will:) I can't believe how grown up he looks in the pics! My favourite memory of Taronga zoo is when Bella was 4 and I was pregnant with Livvy (David had just headed to New York for 4 months) and I was so sick with 'all day sickness', but I made the effort to take Bella to the zoo, it was the most wonderful and special day - just the two of us:) I am sure you will always treasure Will's first zoo visit:) Huge hugs to you and Will ~ Txx

  9. What gorgeous pics and wonderful memories. You are so lucky to have such a wonderful little family.
    I have been to Taronga just a couple of times and really enjoyed it. I'd love to come again to see Mr Shuffles.

  10. What a lovely day out Janette, Taronga zoo is awesome, especially the views!!!

  11. That picture with the boys wearing their matching backpacks is adorable!

  12. Too cute. I love Taronga Zoo. We used to go from Newcastle once a year when I was little. And yes, I rode on the elephant!!

  13. How awesome! We went to Wildlife World at Darling Harbour on Sunday; if you havnt taken Will yet and he loved the zoo - highly recommend! Must take Ferny and Elliott to the zoo -- and soon!! have a great weekend xo

  14. Just hopped over from Heidi Clair and had to tell you that many a long year ago I lived at Clifton Gardens and each morning I walked through the Zoo to the ferry. The otters that were then near the front gates were shocking time wasters and the yellow cockatoo in the bird cage used to call "you missed the missed the ferry' Too often he was right!!
    I have lovely memories of that Zoo but am making new ones at The Western Plains Zoo.
    Loved your story and the images.


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