Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank you

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I've been a bit AWOL this last week...

Thank you so much for your kind words re my birthday pictures and thank you SO much for your lovely comments, emails etc with sympathies re my Granny.

The funeral is tomorrow, so that will probably be quite a hard day, and I'm doing a reading in the service so I'm just praying that I can keep it together (my Dad is my stand-in if I can't get through it).

So here is a lovely bunch of flowers from me to you to say 'Thanks'.

And on other news, in the past week I've seen my little angel William display every tendency of 'the terrible twos'! EK! This morning in particular, as we've had about 20 episodes of crying/demanding/tantrum/stomping on toys/throwing food. As Will would say 'Uhhh Ohhhhhh'!

Here are pics from my efforts to distract him this morning with the photobooth ap on my laptop which always works a treat...

That little face would never do anything wrong would it...?
(NB please ignore my face with my lack of makeup/un-brushed bed hair/clip stuck in my fringe look).

So anyway, I just wanted to check in and say HI and THANKS and sorry I've not been around much this last month blog visiting but I think you all understand.

Wishing you a lovely day,


  1. arrh the terrible two's..i think that last until its terrible 3's in my house..Lucas has also been very cheeky with stomping his feet everywhere we go when he cant have his sorry again to hear about your strong and you will be fine at the reading,I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and you look gorgeous BTW in those photos..mwah melli xx

  2. Janette's Mum xxSeptember 30, 2010 at 9:03 AM

    I just wanted to tell all your blog friends that you designed the most wonderful,amazing, beautiful Order of Service for the funeral. It's sitting on the TV now, giving me so much joy.

    You're such a talented darling girl!

  3. Aww bless, your Mummy is so sweet (just read comment above)! You'll do a lovely reading Janette which will make your Granny proud but she'll understand if it's too much for you - it just shows how much she means to you.

    Thinking of you during this difficult time. Will, as always is a cutie!

  4. Oh Janette, best thoughts and cyber hugs to you. I am sure little William is just picking up on everyones emotions and will settle down (as much as a two year old can) very soon.
    I am sure your Granny will be smiling down on you.
    Take care and look after yourself.

  5. Sending a big virtual hug your way xo

    P.S Im right in the zone with the terrible two's...and my little Jacq does exactly the same..sometimes he just wakes up cranky and you cant snap him out of your techniques tube works for me..anything

  6. Take care tomorrow lovely Janette (and lovely Janette's lovely mum). Crying, laughing and remembering...all good things to do. Terrible twos hey? It gets better...until they turn into teenagers!!

  7. You make sure you take care of yourself, and we'll still be here when you feel up to getting back to blogging again. And as for the terrible twos - take comfort in the fact that I have three sometimes terrible teens!
    Thinking of you and yours you my sweet. K xx

  8. Be gentle with yourself Janette, and take care tomorrow. xx

  9. Best of luck tomorrow, Janette. Sending you ♥♥♥ from Hobart! J x

  10. Your mum's comment above is so sweet. I hope you, your mum and all your family find the strength to get through tomorrow - you'll all be in my thoughts and prayers.

    As for Will's tantrums, Grace has been a bit like that lately too, running away when she knows she's done something wrong or getting stroppy when it's time to come inside after a fun play outside :)

  11. All the best tomorrow. What beautiful photos of you and your boy. Thanks for the comments on my blog, I think being a graphic designer would be a great job.

  12. Janette, so sorry to hear your sad news, best of luck with your reading. Sending positive thoughts to you & your family.
    We have just past from the terrible 2's into the troublesome 3's, thats when they get a teenage size attitude in a small persons body.

  13. Janette -
    My deepest sympathy in regards to your Granny. Sending love and strength for your reading. Regardless of the outcome, your Granny would be touched to think that you have words that you wish to express about your love for her. My thoughts are with you. Your Mum's comment is beautiful - it sounds as if you have a gorgeous mum and she is blessed to have a beautiful daughter. At times of loss in our lives, how great it is to have each other.

    On a happier note - your party looked so fabulous. What an elegant, well coordinated, classy event! You looked stunning! I love your little black, cocktail dress. I know what you mean when you find a dress and feel beautiful in it. I just found my bridal gown and I feel like a princess in it! The perfect dress can lift your spirits and make you feel like a lady!
    Tracey xo

  14. Huge hugs (more than normal) for you today sweetie. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous and I just cannot believe that little Will would do such things:) Your Mum's comment is just so sweet, made me cry! Thinking of you and your family. ~ Txx

  15. The photos are so fun and the clip looks great...take care over the weekend Janette.

  16. Hi Janette,
    So nice to meet you..Ive headed over from sweet Tina at Rubies Place...
    Shes a sweetheart and Im so glad to have found her...
    So sorry to hear of your sad news...
    praying comfort and Fathers big arms around you in these days...

    Im your newest follower (purehunnybee)
    Hope your week is restful...

    In His love,
    Deborah xo


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