Friday, July 2, 2010

Black and White

I'm in the mood for something a bit dramatic looking today...
So I thought I'd indulge in some classic, sophisticated and elegant B&W.

Love the black, white and turquoise (probably the theme I'm going to go for with my birthday theme btw)

B&W wall paper and zebra print stair runner

Very sophisticated. Could even be a bachelor bedroom.

Something a bit more modern and funky, love the pops of yellow in the roses.

I LOVE this wall paper, and little hallway nook with mirror, such a great idea!

Coastal/casual does Black and White - very chic.

images via here

Hope you enjoyed my little B&W lineup.

Have a lovely Friday,


  1. These are all such lovely images Janette - I can't decide which one is my favourite - the last one probably wins for me. I've been really drawn to black, white & grey with little pops of yellow lately. Hope your Friday is a wonderful one too xx

  2. Very fresh and sophisticated... love the turquoise. A friend has a blog and the images of her house are gorgeous..If interested in having a look its Have a great weekend.x

  3. Love the black and white look! I have quite a bit of it in my home as it’s so good for bridging the great gender divide in interiors! These rooms you’ve selected are so lovely. I’m so glad I’m blogging and seeing so much inspiration! :-)

    Have a great weekend Janette!

  4. Love the b &w! Very glamourous! Especially the first pic. Have a lovely weekend xx

  5. I was looking at some other B&W images this morning and was thinking how stylish they are. I'm not sure I could live without an abundance of colour though!!
    Have a cheery weekend :)

  6. Love love love, black & white, its just so sophisticated. I especially love the last image.

  7. Really love the black and white. The first image is my favorite, but I feel I need to put both those bedrooms in my 'inspiration file'. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend. Michelle

  8. Beautiful post Janette. I think I'll leave this post up on my computer for a while and just keep popping back and scrolling through:o)

  9. Hi Janette, I really love the black and white stripe. I have a picture in my files which I often come back too. As for your invitations in black, white and turquoise well I think that would look very stylish! Have a great weekend.

  10. Ah Janette, did you really have to share such beautiful images with us. I am just drooling. I especially love the second pic, with the zebra stair runner & the bold B & W entry. I feel like redecorating AGAIN! illy the cuddly xo


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