Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rockin out to the Wireless

First up, thank you SO much everyone for all your support of my EOFYs sale! I had a great response and just loved being able to offer my prints at a really cheap price - couldn't afford to do it very often but it was really fun :)
Big virtual hugs from me and my assistant to you all!

Anyway I thought I'd share my latest purchase which arrived by post yesterday....

It's a really cute vintage style radio which I can also plug my iPod into as well. Glen and I had been talking about getting some music in the kitchen as our kitchen is enclosed and I found this one on ebay brand new wont believe it............ wait for it............. $4.95!!!

Yep, $4.95 + $19.95 p&h so a grand total of $25. Pretty good isn't it!

So this morning Will and I have been rocking out to some tunes (he loves dancing).

Here is where I have it sitting in the kitchen and you can see how small it is with my coffee cup next to it (no coffee in there BTW, just Rooibos tea).

And that's my vintage fashion ad calendar above it with my pencil on a ribbon for writing our appointments.

Here is the new calendar pic for July. It's quite interesting isn't it! I like simple black and white illustrations but I'd never heard of the brand 'Jaeger' so I googled it and found that (you might all know this) but it's a UK brand that has been around for more than 125 years.

Here is a current pic from their website which I thought was interesting as it has some similarities to the illustration above don't you think?

Anyway you can read about the history of Jaeger here and see more of their vintage ads - just love the look of them!

Have a lovely day everyone,


  1. What a cute radio, great price and a good size! xx

  2. Love the radio Janette, how cute. I can just picture you two gettin' your groove on in the kitchen! K xx

  3. Janette, I LOVE your little radio!! I'd love one of those and how awesome that your ipod can be plugged into it too. Perfect! It looks fabulous in your little kitchen nook with that cool calendar. Glad your little sale was successful - hope you're not too busy posting off all those orders now :) Hope you and your 'assistant' have a lovely day x

  4. ooh I am loving your radio. I'd like one of those! I had a couple of Jaeger bits and pieces when I lived in the UK 20 years ago...they're a bit of alright! Congrats on the sale. When I know someone who's had a baby I'll be calling!

  5. Gorgeous little radio, it would look good anywhere..Rachaelxx

  6. Funky little radio Janette. Shame the p&h was so much! I bet you and the all important assistant are grooven' in the kitchen now...

  7. I love your radio and especially the price!

  8. What a fabulous new radio Janette! I can just imagine your sweet little Will bopping along to music in the kitchen! I am so, so sorry I missed your sale. I hope that it was a huge success for you:) Hope you are having a wonderful week. Hugs ~ Tina xx

  9. super chic! thanks for all your lovely comments. love reading them! yeh not really a baby kidsy designer - I design very scandianvian usually :)

  10. Hey Janette, congrats on your fabulous little bargain! What a steal, and it's so cute, perfect for a kitchen space... Looovveee Ebay!
    I'm so glad your sale went well,
    Flick :)

  11. so cute... perfect for your kitchen..i love how it looks so retro..


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx