Tuesday, June 15, 2010


What's your thoughts on velvet?

My initial thoughts on velvet are the memories of my parents brown velvet lounge suit in the good lounge room from when I was a little kid. I'm sure big brown velvet lounges were HOT STUFF in the late 1970's early 80's but it's not a great visual to have stuck in your head whenever you hear the word 'velvet'.

I've seen some velvet lately used in interiors and it's turning me around.
Check out these beautiful rooms...

How plush does that velvet lounge look and the colour is amazing! (love the pops of pink and the wall colour, and the detail on the fireplace too).

Again, the velvet makes this grey colour look incredible, look at the way it picks up the light.
The black butterflies above the bed are cool, but they would scare me like a swarm of insects were going to attack me in my sleep :)

That blue of the bench is beautiful and I love the way it links to the colour of the chandelier too, really looks great with the pink and white.

Very soft and feminine little skirted stool. It also softens the cold, stark, shininess of the mirrored dresser table.

So what do you think? Have I reprogrammed your brain from any bad velvet memories too?

Have a great Tuesday everyone,


  1. loving the velvet, these rooms are just gorgeous - had to chuckle about the butterflies...as pretty as this pic looks I too couldn't sleep with the swarm!

  2. I generally steer clear of velvet but I think you could persuade me to change my mind if you keep finding lovely images like these! xx

  3. Hi Janette, I must admit the first thing that the word 'velvet' evokes for me are dodgy 70's or 80's decor too. However, I LOVE these images you have posted - especially that lounge shot. I think these days, it is much more stylish and can be used to add a touch of elegance to a room. That chandelier is to die for!! I'd love one like that in an aqua/turquoise shade for our bedroom! Enjoy your day playing on outside under your new purchase! x

  4. oh i love the velvet......GLAM GLAM GLAM, i love mixing vintage with modern and you have captured this amazingly in your choice of photos.....i have a few velvet peices that i just love, all off ebay, have a great day J and thanks for sharing x

  5. When I was very young and didn't know better I had a brown and cream striped velvet lounge suite! I won't be recreating that any time soon that's for sure! These look great though. I really like the first room. x

  6. The velvet has such a rich look to it. I agree the swarm would have to go.

  7. I love the little skirted stool with the mirrored dressing table. Looks a little glam to me!

  8. I don't really have any bad memories of velvet. Mum and Dad used to have beautiful blue velvet cutains in the lounge room but I lovd them. I wonder where that is? Must ask her. The pics you chose are lovely.
    That reminds me, I saw a mauvey coloured velvet chair in Laura Ashley recently - it was amaing but really expensive!!

  9. Hi , just discovered your blog. Love your ideas! I just did a post the other day featuring a petrol bue velvet sofa. It was gorgeous!! :)

  10. As gorgeous as these images are..I still can't quite get my head around velvet! I love your 1950's post..I'm a closet 50's housewife..Rachaelxx

  11. Velvet fan here. I am determined to have my teeny man move to a single bed with a grey velvet & button headboard when he goes from the cot to his big boy bed... even if I need to make it myself. Love these pics. Natalie x

  12. I like it with studded buttons (I think there's a proper term for this...) on say a stool or something but I'm not naturally drawn to it. Possibly because I'm a child of the 80s!

    Chandeliers however...loving that blue one! :-)

  13. Love the velvet stool with the mirrored dresser!

    Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx


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