Monday, June 14, 2010

And then God said 'Let there be HEAT'....

and there was HEAT and it was goooooooood!

Look what we bought yesterday! I am currently sitting out on the deck typing away in 12 degrees of wintery cold (yes I know nthn hemespherians, 12 degrees is not really cold but it is to me) but I'm feeling toasty warm thanks to our new gas heater. YAY!

Loving it!
But ladies, I think we are going to be getting the unattractive but efficient PVC patio blinds for part of the deck. Remember this post here? Yeah well after further investigation I think we have come to the conclusion that we will be getting patio blinds rather than anything else more attractive. Oh well, just as long as Will and I can play out on the deck for a bit longer in the day and not have to feel cooped up inside all day then that's the main thing.

Glen went to watch the Fifa World Cup Australia vs Germany match at the big screen at Darling Harbour this morning with his brother and our nephew. They left home at 3.15am and couldn't really see the big screen but I think they had lots of fun. When they got back to our place at about 6.30am (Germany won 4-0 by the way) we all had breakfast out on the deck under the new heater :)

Did I mention that I love the new heater? hehehee. I think Glen's going to get annoyed when the gas bottle runs out after a few days as I'm sure that William and I will be living outside now :)

I hope you're having a great long weekend or had a great weekend for those that don't celebrate Queen Lizzie's birthday today.

Sending you a big warm bear hug,


  1. Love the look of that heater - such a great idea... our problem here is it's wet wet wet - I think the Auckland winter rain has started! The Germany match wasn't so good was it!!? Mu husband went to work in disgust when we were three goals and a red card down!

  2. those heaters are the best i love them too... the patio blinds are going to look fine, i know a few people that have the ones you are talking about and they look really good. Enjoy your weekend miss Janette and enjoy you heat outside the cold with your lovely purchase( enjoy for me too as i've been working these 2 days including today hours YUK) Have a great day XXX

  3. They're fantastic inventions, aren't they? And I'm sure the blinds will look great, not to mention the added benefit of extending the use of your deck - sounds good to me! Enjoy your weekend, and have a hot chocolate for me! K xx

  4. Loove the patio heater! Best invention for outdoor entertaining, ours lets us bbq all year round, and still use our patio for parties in the freezing (for WA) winter weather.
    The blinds can look really great if they are kept in good nick, which I'm sure yours will be, and will really turn that space into a 'room'!
    Enjoy the last day of the long weekend,
    :) Flick

  5. They're great we have some at work for outside functions but it's poor me that has to drag them around - they're so heavy!! If we ever get to build a deck on here I think I'll buy one, choose a good spot and then not move it!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

  6. Oooh I'd love one of those heaters...there hasn't been much outside living in my cold neck of the woods which is a shame. And the blinds will be a great addition I'm sure...why not hang some floaty sheer curtains inside the plastic ones..that might be fun?? Practical and pretty at the same time.. Your verandah is really beautiful. Poor Socceroos :(

  7. ooooh v jealous. Aren't you just over Winter already?? You will be able to sit outside now throughout the dead of Winter in your bikini!! ;)
    ps. Does your dad really work on Giggle and Hoot? Fern was so impressed when I told her!! Have a great week and toast a marshmallow under that heater for me! x

  8. Those heaters are great. I really like the idea Kerry put forward about the sheer curtain on the inside of the plastic one. You could really have some fun with it!

  9. That heater is wonderful and looks so stylish too, cheers Katherine

  10. How lovely that you'll be able to keep warm and toasty while you and Will are playing outside now. I think your blinds will be a great addition to making the area more child-play friendly. It's funny how the most practical options often aren't the most attractive but I guess as mummies, we now have to put aside what we think will look best (hence why we are trying to make our living room a better play area for Grace). Glad you enjoyed your long weekend - sounds like Glen had a great time watching the soccer. Enjoy your start to the week and give Will a big hug from Grace and I xx

  11. Great buy Janette, We could certainly use one down here in chilly Melbourne too. Great way to get more outside time in the winter.
    Donna xx

  12. How brilliant you have a mushroom (I call them this) heater! If I had a garden this is one of the first things I'd invest in so I could eat/sit outside all year round! Am glued to my little indoor electric heater at the moment.

    Lucky your hubby got into the scene at Darling Harbour, shame about the result though! The BF was gutted.

  13. I want one of those heaters. Very cool! Have a wonderful week.


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