Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wood, wood, wood, wood, wood, wood...

What do you think about wood in decor?

Now I know we've got it everywhere, floors, tables, chairs but looking at this feature in the latest issue of real living mag got me thinking about where I stand on wood. Check it out...

Hmmm.... to be honest I really don't love it. Maybe if I had a modern mountain cabin I would decorate like this with warm tones and textures.

Do you want to see the reason for my aversion to wood....

This is my kitchen....
(pics taken at home inspection prior to purchasing)

Wooden panelling and cork on the walls.... yep, you heard and saw right...

Don't worry, the tin of white paint surfaced soon after we moved in and I will have to post before and after pics sometime soon (I still hate my kitchen but not as much as before).

Ok, ok, you can stop screaming now...

So you can now probably understand why I shuddered over the real living feature but I'd love to know what you think of this style of decorating?

Now can I suggest you go walk into your kitchen right now and take a deep breath and be thankful that it doesn't look as hideous as mine did/does ;)

I hope you have a great day,


  1. Cork and panelling. That is a pretty special combination... should have been heritage listed. No doubt it looks a lot better with white paint. Off to my kitchen for that sigh of relief!!

  2. I hear you sista! I know exactly what living with an overdose of timber is like, and for me the only way I'm loving wood is if it's painted. But wow, how 'bout that cork? Very interesting choice by the previous owners. Can't wait to see your whole kitchen - it's your turn to show us all the pics! K xx

  3. I'm suddenly feeling a whole let better about my tiny, boring kitchen! I'm not a great fan of a lot of wood I'd have to say unless it's so beautiful that it would be a sin to cover it up. And even then I only want it in small doses. Perhaps the previous owners had lots of kids with lots of preschool paintings and a fridge door that wasn't big enough!!

  4. Haha you're funny!

    Personally I love the Swiss chalet style or typical old English country home look for wooden interiors, especially for kitchens.

    Not a huge fan of cork...but handy for hanging things up!

    I think if there's ever wood you don't like then white paint is definitely the way forward and it can make a place look gorgeous so you're onto a winning idea already! :-)

  5. Hmm those cork walls are special;) They would be great in a kindergarten. Somewhere to hang children's artwork and to muffle noise.
    We have a cork floor, while I dont like the orange colour, I like its softness and ease to live on.

  6. I'm so glad you've shared some more pics of your home with us Janette - I'd love to see the after photos, I'll bet the white paint made a huge difference. I like little hits of wood to add warmth to a room but I don't like to have too much of it as I feel it then becomes a 'mountain chalet' looking space :)

  7. I'm speechless! The nicest thing I can honestly say about it is at least there is heaps of cupboard space... illy the cuddly

  8. Wow they are special walls aren't they! I LOVE timber (as someone who see's clients all the time, I am OVER chocolate wood), I think there are many a wood style under rated!
    BTW - I'm not a fan of the chalet look, but have timber in my kitchen and have a super modern house!

  9. I am not so much bothered by the wood as I am intrigued about those cork walls:) I think the wood would look lovely and cottagey painted white:) I love how much cupboard space you have!! Hope you are having a lovely week Janette ~ Tina xx

  10. I'm not a wood girl, funny how a lot of men like it though.. Ok, your kitchen is in need of a little work...I remember desperately wanting a new kitchen. It's interesting how different day to day life is when a room is functional and beautiful. But don't fret, your little business will buy you your dream kitchen, just you wait! Rxx


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