Friday, May 21, 2010

Bone Inlay Furniture

I've been seeing a lot of Bone Inlay furniture springing up everywhere lately and it has such character and vibrancy to it. It really suits the whole Ikat, Moroccan thing going on too.
Take a look at some examples...Via

Via decorpad

Really nice pieces aren't they!
But I think it is REAL BONE (did I just sound really blond then?) but you know what I mean... who's bones are they? That creeps me out a bit.

I think I'll stick with my octagonal Indian tea table.
She says whilst lying on her leather lounge - oh dear... it's hard to be a socially responsible decorator isn't it!

Have a great Friday everyone,


  1. That first blue and white hall table is exquisite! Would be a perfect little statement piece for a room. I never really considered the 'bone' part either :) Your little tea table is very cute. Hope you have some lovely things planned for the weekend x

  2. Lovely - love that hall table too... by the way scoot over to The Happy Home blog if you haven't already - one of your prints is featured (although you're probably way ahead of me!)

  3. I love these pieces, but I'm with you on the question of where the bone comes from. I actually have a post coming up on this very subject next week. I really like your little tea table though, it has such great detailing. Have a great weekend! K xx

  4. Only a creative would think about that!! I actually always had the thought in my head it was shell, which might be a type of aquatic bone?? Oh, I don't know!! They are beautiful though and I really love your table...I've coveted those for years!

  5. I love inlay! I have inherited some pieces back home in England that have mother of pearl in them.

    I know bone is a bit weird hey, but then I guess how far do you go with that thinking? Almost everything we buy sadly has had some form of animal involvement!

    Love Moroccan and Indian styles, they are my two favourite foreign influences beyond French. I really love your Indian side table, great buy! x


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