Monday, May 17, 2010

Should I attempt this?

Do you think I should try and make my own more basic version of this pendant light???

I would really like one for our bedroom but at $369 I'm thinking I might get crafty and try and make it myself.

The light fitting in our bedroom, and most of the house for that matter, are just light globes hanging down from their cord about two foot. And when we bought the house they had small drum shape lime green shades on them. We replaced the lounge, dining and entry lime green shades soon after we moved in but the bedroom one I decided to just recover over with some white fabric I had... and it's done the trick for the last two years.

But now that I'm planning our bedroom mini makeover I would like something a bit nicer.

So I'm thinking this is what I'll need...

A drum shape lampshade frame
Black sheer fabric to cover it
Either buy chandelier crystals (I'm currently watching some on eBay)
or get a broken chandelier from Vinnies and restring them onto the arms of the frame.

What do you think??? Should I give it a go?

I hope you're having a great Monday.


  1. Hi Janette. I'd love to see you give this a go, but if you didn't feel inclined I bought two similar to this for $80 from Bunnings - only one central light but it was DIY fitting so no electrician. Obviously not real crystals! I can email you a picture if you like.

  2. yes ,yes make it this is one of my favorite lamps too, i saw one at freedom the other day ( i saw one one in my room too)..good-luck I'm sure it will turn out amazing then you will have to make me one hehehe XXxx

  3. Why not? I'd love to see the results! I have started thinking about our bedroom lighting. Someone went made here a few years back and installed halogen downlights everywhere except the hall. Not very romantic for a bedroom!
    Your idea is a great one :)

  4. Ooooo... I'd love to see a pic of your Kerry if you don't mind!!! $80 is super cheap!

  5. Of course you should, I bet you could do it! Rxx

  6. You should go for it Janette! But Kerry's $80 options sound pretty hard to beat. Ok, if you can't find them at Bunnings, then I vote you give it a go and then do a tutorial for us! K xx

  7. Oh I love it Janette and have just ordered two white ones from Buyster Lighting for our living room ($89 each).

    I think they are a little smaller than the one in your pic, but they come in black too. I would love to see what you come up with if you do make your own, you clever lady. I know it would be stunning! Hope you had a wonderful Monday. Hugs ~ Txx

  8. If you have the time, definitely give it a go!

    It will be so much fun and a real talking point when you have guests over :-)

    Don't forget Gumtree for great finds! x

  9. So many options Janette! I think you could definately make one but given the price of some of the other shades from Ikea and Buyster I wonder if it would be worth it!

  10. i saw the ones at bunnings on Sunday too,they look beautiful only they are a bit smaller.they look very similar to the picture Janette :)

  11. Definitely give it a go! Super chic lighting, I think you can pull it off (and can't wait to see the end result!).

  12. Perhaps check out the ones the other girls are suggesting and then if they're not quite right, I'd definitely give making one yourself a go. I'm know you'll be able to come up with something wonderful xx

  13. I love that! If anyone can recreate this, it's you!

  14. I love it! Do you know if you can get one in a lamp? It is just what I have been looking for as! Maybe I could commission you to make me a lamp... illy the cuddly xo


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