Tuesday, May 18, 2010

More bedroom

Thank you lovely ladies for all your help with my bedroom lighting post yesterday! I knew you would all be a fountain of knowledge - don't you just love blogging!
I'm going to go check out the Bunnings one and I've had a look at the Buysterlighting one too and then I'll see which option I go with... I'll keep you posted :)

Image via decorpad

Here are so more details on my bedroom makeover plans. The above pic is some inspiration which has had the OK from hubby.

I don't like our wooden bed so I'm going to make a white slip cover to go over the bedhead... hmmm we'll see how that one works out.

Now I'm trying to decide if we'll do this light grey/lavender colour on the wall behind the bed OR if I go for something darker like a charcoal grey with a hint of purple. Glen isn't keen on the dark but I want to give it a go.

I have a beautiful baroque mirror which was my Grandma's which is gold and I want to paint it either white or black, again Glen's not keen on black.

Can you picture it already? We have a white bed spread, white bedside lamps and a lavender coloured throw already so I'm wanting to just add to what we have.

Anyway, have a lovely Tuesday everyone.
Thanks again for all the advice and encouragement!


  1. Your bedroom makeover is sounding fantastic! I am looking forward to seeing more. xx

  2. Sounds wonderful!

    Love how you need the 'OK' from your hubbie! That's like us these days as my other half is now laying down the law in terms of what we can and can't have out on display, lol!

    Can't wait to see how your bedroom turns out, don't forget to post pics! xx

  3. I really like the idea of a bedhead cover! It is a bit tricky, isn't it when the hubby's thoughts have to come into it! I have friends who's husbands just don't care what they do (how easy would that be) but Lyn likes to have his say as well. It's all about negotiation and compomise and hopfully everyone can be happy :)

  4. sounds beautiful already,sounds like my kinder bedroom ..i did some shopping too today hubby doesn't know yet (shhh) ..he will when he sees all the goodies i got today ...i will post some pics to show you soon,don't you just love doing make-overs and shopping XXX

  5. All of your makeover ideas sound lovely Janette, cannot wait to see some progress. I especially love the idea of a slip cover for your bedhead. I've thought about doing that too. Can't wait to see pics. Have fun.
    Donna xx

  6. Love your ideas Janette, especially the slip cover for your bedhead. The picture you've posted is lovely too - what a calm, relaxing looking bedroom. I usually get Paul's opinion on house projects, not because he's particularly fussy about what I choose, but I always think 'it's his home too' :) Can't wait to see what you do xx

  7. Luv where you're going with this, its kinda similar to what Im doing! I tried to go a grey back wall.... but its kinda more purply in most lights. I really like it though but make sure you do great big test patches if you decide against a purply hue! Mine is Wattyl Morpheus and I love it..... x

  8. It all sounds very lovely. I will be very interested in the bedhead cover.

  9. I like both colour combo's & I really like that picture too. But I do love the really dramatic contrast of a darker feature wall. Maybe you could somehow have the best of both "looks" & change on a seasonal basis. Like a dark wall for winter & then add something much lighter to it like a big canvas or curtain behind the bedhead for a more lighter summery look. Or vice versa. Try mixing a bit of comtempary with classic as well. You have great taste & what ever you decide it will look fab! Anyway if your bedroom looks half as good as the picture it will be a beautiful haven for you & Glen. Licks illy the cuddly xo

  10. Look forward to seeing it..you have really lovely ideas. I like the sound of the mirror. The teens have a black baroque one in their ensuite. I'm currently trying to find the time to paint my newly recarpeted bedroom so that I can put it back together! Rachaelxx


Thanks! I love reading your comments! Jxx