Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hula Hoops & Skipping Ropes

I spent a very energetic afternoon yesterday, playing with my niece and two nephews.

They have been trying to learn how to Hula Hoop and although I wasn't bad back in the day, boy oh boy was it hard work. After much practice I could keep the hula hoop going for about 7 turns but then... down it rolled.

So then we played with the skipping rope. VERY fun, I wasn't brave enough to run into the twirling rope, but managed to do a few rounds of 'Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn around....'

Then we set up an obstacle course in the front yard using the hoops, balls, chairs etc and timed ourselves jumping over, crawling through, limboing under. It was so much fun.

It's nice to re-live your childhood games for a few hours. I'm looking forward to when William's old enough to play along with his cousins too.

I hope you're having a great weekend too.
Take care,

Images via getty & Jill Freedman


  1. ohhh that sounds like Fun.. i used to LOVE the Hula loop an the skipping rope ..remember elastics?? i was an expert at that game ( the memories) have a awesome weekend xx

  2. Sounds like lots of fun Janette:) I quite often get to be the extra person required to turn the skipping rope at home ;) Hope the rest of your weekend is just as much fun! ~ Tina x

  3. Oh I am an expert on super hula hoop on the nintendo wee. My kids think I am a legend! Lucky they haven't seen my with a real hoop. I remember the hula, the skipping and elastics. In my day we just had white elastic tied in a knot from Mums sewing box, not fancy coloured stuff.

  4. It is fun..I picked up a hula hoop the other day whilst shopping with the girls and said, "watch girls, this is how you do it"..They looked at me a bit confused as I threw my body about strangely only to have the hoop fall straight to the ground. What else can't I do any more?! Rxx

  5. People make it look so easy dont they! xx

  6. Hi Janette - you must be the most wonderful aunty to spend time with, how lovely of you to think of such fun activities to do with your nieces and nephews and how great to be a kid again for a day :) Hope you've had a lovely Sunday xx

  7. Janette, That sounds like so much fun, I hope you laughed and laughed. I bet your niece and nephews would have loved spending that time with you too.
    Donna xx


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