Monday, April 12, 2010

Look who's Walking!!!!!

Big excitement here tonight, as Will has taken his first unassisted steps with the walker wagon!

I'm sorry, this is probably a boring post for you all... but I'm so excited and proud, I just had to share!

Check out that look of concentration!

Off he goes....

Once he became confident he couldn't stop smiling, laughing and saying 'a'Dadda' (I'm so glad Glen was home in time to see it)!

A very proud Mum signing off for tonight!


  1. Oh, how gorgeous! My eldest learnt to walk with one of those, I've still got the video footage of her little legs zooming along. Aaah, how bittersweet it is watching them grow up, I miss the baby things.. And your house - talk about curb appeal! Rachaelxx

  2. How exciting for you! Hugh started crawling a few weeks ago and that was huge news in our house!

  3. WOW Janette that is FANTASTIC news !!...
    time flies trust me ..before you know it he will be running :) his so cute XX

  4. Oh my gosh, that is so exciting Janette!!! What a clever little man:) These photos are just the cutest! How fabulous that you and your husband were both there to see it, such a special moment!! Yay Will:) ~ Tina xx

  5. Not a boring post at all Janette - exciting!!! Will is so cute with his little walker. I'm so glad your husband was home in time to see and that you had the camera ready!! Have a nice evening x

  6. How exciting Janette! It's such a thrill watching your little ones taking their 'firsts'.
    You do realise though you won't sit down again for the next five or so years! K xx

  7. So exciting, I remember so clearly the days that Luke and Jack took their firts unassited steps, I went crazy with the camera both times.
    Congrats to your family

  8. In my experience, you can NEVER be too proud or excited about your children's achievements, and so lovely that you were both there to see it.

  9. exciting...I cant believe Will is almost one..seems only yesturday he was a tiny little bubba..

  10. Ah, my clever little darling! He's the cutest! From Will's Grandma. x

  11. Fantastico Will! Che bravo bambino! How exciting Janette. Harper walked exactly the same way. It brings back great memories.

  12. YAY!! What a little you know he is going to be your shadow from now on...and you are going to have to keep an even CLOSER eye on those curious little

    Just gorgeous!x


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